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Personal Collectors, Here’s Your Extra Space!

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It takes a fine mind to understand that the passion for collecting is not just a ‘hobby for hoarders’, it’s a curated selection of limited edition goodies!

From sneakers, toys, books, clothes, to novelty items like fragile tea cups or types of cameras, these priceless collections often require a dedicated space of their own for display and storage.

Unfortunately, some collections can grow out of hand and appear to be clutter more than a curation, and some require security a basic housing unit may not be suitable for.

If this applies to you, it’s time to invest in a self-storage facility!

Image credit: Artem Maltsev | Unsplash
  • Gain Extra Space to grow and organise.

With a self-storage unit, you will be able to expand your collections to your heart’s content. Extra Space Asia offers flexible upsizing for facility rentals, meaning you can rent based on your current needs, and simply upsize later as needed. Talk about cost-effective solutions!

  • Let your home be a home.

In today’s increasingly jam-packed way of living, square footage is precious. You should not have to think of your own space as an afterthought to manage a collection or family members and housemates! Conversely, a self-storage space may just be the solution to you freeing up some unwanted furniture space, keeping the hassle of selling slow-moving products like old sofas or clunky bed frames out of the way.

Hint: Extra Space Asia’s Box Shop offers shelving units for sale to help further maximise the width and height of your storage unit. Great for TV and other appliances!

  • 24-Hour PIN Guarded Access.

For extremely dense cities like Hong Kong, a storage unit is considered a valuable extension of home space. With Extra Space Asia, this bonus self-storage acts just like another part of your home, available to be accessed at any time of day on any day, based on your customised PIN code.

Unlike other storage providers that insist on storage access cards which frankly are an archaic way to secure accessibility, Extra Space Asia provides a complimentary PIN code upon storage unit rental confirmation. No more worrying about losing access with lost cards!

self-storage shelving unit
Image credit: Ales Nesetril | Unsplash

Feel free to visit Extra Space Asia storage facilities to experience and check out wide range of storage sizes for your needs or call the number below for more inquiries.

Operation hours: 9am – 6pm (Monday – Friday)
9am – 1pm (Saturday)
Tel: 1300 22 0288

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