Meee-yow!! There’s a Huge Cat Expo in KL This Weekend

Image Credit: Pet Expo Malaysia
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If you’re a feline aficionado – or just want to witness the sheer spectacle of Malaysia’s biggest cat-centric event – the MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre is the place to be this weekend.

One cat, two cats, a hundred cats… we’re not sure how many actual felines will be in attendance at the upcoming ‘Ekspo Kucing’ – which we will henceforth refer to as ‘Cat Expo’ – held from September 30 to October 2, but with over 200 booths, it’s sure to be a genuine cat-a-palooza.

Billed as Malaysia’s largest such event, the Cat Expo will feature a large array of cat-focused activities and exhibitions, ranging from adoption drives to pet supply sales to cat competitions.

Cats galore | Image Credit: Pet Expo Malaysia

We like the idea of adoption over buying pets in stores, so it’s great to know there will be a number of adoption booths set up at the Expo so cats can find loving new homes.

Kids will surely have a blast at the event, with a number of activities specially designed for them, such as a petting zoo (which features more than just cats, thankfully), an exotic pet village, and something called ‘fish scooping’ – which sounds as though it’s likely to be much more fun for the kids than for the fish.

Animals from Farm in the City will also be on hand for your selfie-taking pleasure | Image Credit: Pet Expo Malaysia
We’re not entirely sure what’s happening here, but the humans seem to be enjoying it | Image Credit: Pet Expo Malaysia

As for the grown-ups, well, there’s a cat competition of international standards on the scheduled (yep, it’s a real thing). The large-scale Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFE) Cat Competition will take place at the Expo. There are currently nearly 500 entries, so expect to see plenty of cats doing… well, whatever it is cats do – in a competitive arena.

Competitive kitty | Image Credit: Pet Expo Malaysia
Serious cat looks serious | Image Credit: Pet Expo Malaysia

There are also free cat check-ups on offer, food trucks (because what’s an event in Malaysia without food?), prize giveaways, and lucky draws.

We just hope there are plenty of litter boxes on hand.

Here are the details:

Pet Expo Malaysia: Cat Edition / Ekspo Kucing
MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre
September 30 to October 2 • 10am to 9pm

Admission: RM5 for adults • Free for kids under 12 • Free for adults over 60

For additional information, just check out their Instagram and Facebook

Here a cat, there a cat… | Image Credit: Pet Expo Malaysia

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