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All Arriving Passengers in Malaysia Must Now Complete Customs Declaration Forms

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The practice was abandoned decades ago, and travellers have only had to make verbal declarations at most – that will now change.

Travellers entering and exiting Malaysia who were for many years spared the hassle of completing written customs declaration forms will now have to do so.

In a notice posted on October 4, the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) said the customs department had issued a letter requiring all travellers entering and leaving the country to make the declaration by filling in Customs Form No 7 (K7) as required under Section 103 of the Customs Act 1967.

“Every passenger or other persons arriving in or leaving Malaysia shall declare all dutiable or prohibited goods in their possession to the customs officers on duty,” the notice read. It wasn’t specifically clear if the requirement would be in effect immediately or if there’s an applicable date.

Additionally, it is unclear if every passenger has to fill up the form or only those who carry dutiable goods or money amounting to more than US$10,000. It is furthermore unclear if the declaration forms – as and when they are available – will be carried on inbound passenger aircraft, or if they will only be made available upon arrival at the airport or seaport.

No reasons were given for the resumption of this practice, which was stopped many years ago. The requirement will apply to both international and Malaysian travellers arriving in the country from overseas.

With this, CAAM said, all airlines entering Malaysia had been asked to announce the requirement to all passengers on board. The department has even provided a sample announcement to be made on the flight before the plane lands in Malaysia, both in English and Malay. The English version is as follows:

“Every arriving traveller is required to declare all dutiable and prohibited goods as well as currencies or other monetary instruments of a total amount exceeding US$10,000 (RM45,000) in their possession.

“The declaration shall be made by using Customs Form No 7 and to be submitted at the customs department (RMCD) examination checkpoint. Customs Form No. 7 is available at the RMCD counter. Any false declarations or failure to declare is an offence under Malaysian law.”

Before this directive came into immediate effect, all passengers were, at the most, only required to verbally declare dutiable goods, prohibited items or any amount above US$10,000 to the customs officers. Some passengers are also picked out for random checks, while some just walk through designated “green lanes.”

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