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Panthers of ISKL: Service Learning Edition

Feature Image courtesy of ISKL
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At The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL), its mission is to inspire learners to shape their path as global citizens. The Panthers of ISKL is a platform to showcase stories of community members, with this special series focusing on service learning. Read more to discover how the committed endeavors of individuals inspire the ISKL community and beyond.


Hailing from Canada and Australia, Asha has lived her whole life in Malaysia, starting ISKL at four years old. Asha believes that being raised within a mixed cultural environment has afforded her an open-minded, accepting, and embracing approach to life.  

Asha O. | Image Credit: ISKL

One of Asha’s passions is environmental, charitable, and mentoring projects that support her community. Besides being President of the ISKL Earth Club, Asha is also a member of the Service Council. Her charitable enterprises include an Eco-Market and a virtual food drive campaign for Chin Refugees during Movement Control Order. Due to the urgent support required, this was launched within 24 hours, and the swift traction reinforced the positive impact a united community can have on the lives of others. Asha advises that “if passion and motivation are the driving force, then time and effort will come easily”.


ISKL students and close friends Aditi S., Ira S., and Sana M. represent the ‘Color Away Covid’ (CAC) in Malaysia as Brand Ambassadors. The Hong Kong-based student-led initiative aims to provide support, education, and equipment to low-income families and underprivileged children who have been, and continue to be, affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Aditi S., Ira S., and Sana M. | Image Credit: ISKL

The girls agree that their biggest inspiration comes from the support of the ISKL community, which gives them the vision to achieve through constant motivation and encouragement. Ira tells us that “ISKL truly accepts and applauds individuality whilst giving independence without pressure.” They are united in saying that they understand ISKL’s vision and mission statement to be based on having been guided throughout their education at ISKL by positive values, lessons, and memories whilst achieving future goals.  


As a part of his Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) project for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), Seungyoon coordinated a food donation drive within Malaysia. His CAS project enlightened him to realize that it is not hard to set up, take action, and get involved in community service. Seungyoon felt it gave him the confidence to understand that personal time and small sacrifices are no effort to support others less fortunate.  

Seungyoon H. | Image Credit: ISKL

When asked what ISKL’s vision and mission statement means to him, Seungyoon said, “ISKL encourages a sense of personal discovery through their education so that students can achieve their full potential. With confidence in what you can achieve, there is the ability to give back and support community projects”.  

As parents, we want to empower our children to lead happy, successful lives and thrive as global citizens. Interested in understanding service learning at ISKL? Head over to today.

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