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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Guinness!

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Guinness Malaysia’s first flagship outlet, Arthur’s Storehouse, is now open at Pavilion KL. We checked it out and absolutely loved it!

If you know where Morganfield’s is in Pavilion KL – one of our favourite places to go for a hearty slab of ribs – then you won’t have any trouble finding Guinness Malaysia’s awesome new flagship store, Arthur’s Storehouse, just steps away. (Spoiler alert: You can get some pretty tasty ribs here, too!)

Check out the exclusive Guinness merchandise sold at Arthur’s Storehouse at Pavilion KL

If you’re just strolling by, you might just think the small space you see is little more than a retail shop with a bunch of cool Guinness swag. But step inside, and you’ll soon discover that the retail space is kind of like a foyer in a much larger house!

Entering Arthur’s Storehouse

Continue down a short corridor that’s festooned with fascinating facts about the history and brewing process of Guinness, and you’ll soon emerge into an amazingly spacious gastropub area that is simply remarkable. Yes, there’s a bar, of course, but Arthur’s Storehouse is not just any bar – here, fans can enjoy the true Guinness experience alongside an impressive Guinness-infused food and cocktail menu, as well as exclusive merchandise imported from the Dublin Storehouse.

A history of Guinness greets fans as they make their way through the corridor
The main bar at Arthur’s Storehouse

When we were there for the launch, we were treated to an array of curated experiences by the world’s No. 1 stout and were some of the firsts to experience the magic of the flagship outlet. We can’t say enough about it – there’s just a great vibe here, and the ambiance is sensational. During our visit, we sampled tasty bites from a unique menu and enjoyed live performances by local bands.

Live music from Saint Kylo at the launch of Arthur’s Storehouse

At Arthur’s Storehouse, fans can check out the Guinness history wall and learn about the precision of the roasting process that gives Guinness its distinctive taste and deep, ruby-red hue – the roasting is carried out at precisely 232° Celsius.

Of course, as true Guinness lovers know, perfectly pouring this famed stout is important to enjoy its smooth and creamy taste. Special rates are available for fans who want to learn pouring the perfect glass themselves with the guidance of the Guinness Academy, and then take home a customised Guinness glass with their name engraved on it.

Attempting the crucial ‘perfect pour’ – the two-step process for the ideal Guinness Draught

But that’s not all… what makes the flagship outlet so singular is its menu being the first in Malaysia to showcase a variety of exclusive Guinness-infused dishes. And if you’ve ever cooked with Guinness at home, you’ll know that you’re in for a treat – it’s just a terrific “secret ingredient” to level up a wide range of recipes.

Starters at the outlet include BBQ Hot Wings Glazed with Homemade Guinness Sauce, Guinness Battered Onion Ring, and Guinness Braised Oxtail Pork Crackling. For the main dishes, Arthur’s Storehouse serves familiar favourites as well as BBQ Guinness Pork Ribs and Braised Lamb Shank, which pair best with Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, whereas the Guinness Aged Ribeye Steak and Guinness Shepherd’s Pie pair best with Guinness Draught. The menu also features Asian classics like Guinness Bak Kut Teh and Bulldog Hokkien Mee. Fans of the sweet can also sample the unique Guinness-infused dessert menu.

Good times are on tap at Arthur’s Storehouse, Pavilion KL

Another unique element at Arthur’s Storehouse is its creative cocktail menu! Stout lovers are also in for a treat with a range of Guinness-infused cocktails. You’ll find classics like ‘Black Velvet’ which is a mixture of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout and Prosecco, as well as something to provide a different cocktail experience with the ‘St James Gate’ which is a mixture of Guinness Draught, Irish Whiskey, and coconut milk with cinnamon. There’s also the ‘Guinnesstini’ made with Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, espresso, vodka, coffee liqueur, and ice cream.

Guinness cocktails are a unique feature at Arthur’s Storehouse

Guinness Malaysia has really been on a roll lately, with the recent run of the House of Guinness over a two-month ‘residence’ at APW Bangsar drawing thousands of aficionados. And now, the launch of a flagship outlet that will take your breath away is just the icing on the cake.

Exposed bricks lend a chill, cosy, industrial vibe to the outlet

“This year has been remarkable for Guinness as we’ve been able to bring numerous sensorial experiences for the lovers of our brews, all while they learn more about the rich history and the magic behind them. The very first Guinness flagship outlet is designed to give Malaysian fans the Dublin Storehouse experience right in the heart of KL. For that, we are thrilled about this exclusive partnership created between Guinness Malaysia and Storehouse Project,” said Shaun Lim, Marketing Manager of Guinness Malaysia.

We definitely encourage our readers to check out this fantastic space, especially if you’re a fan of Guinness.

For more information about the Arthur’s Storehouse flagship outlet visit To check out more information about Guinness, head over to Guinness Malaysia’s social media pages at and

All photos courtesy of Heineken Malaysia Bhd.

Guinness and all related promotions and activities are strictly for non-Muslims aged 21 and above only. As always, Guinness Malaysia advocates responsible consumption and urges consumers to not drink and drive.

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