Self-Storage: The Ideal Solution for Expats!

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Searching for a stable, safe and secure storage operator in Malaysia? Extra Space Asia Self-Storage might be what you are looking for.

Planning to relocate back to your hometown or another country for work? Relocating is one of the most stressful things, even for those who do it regularly. Thus, self-storage might be a useful tool for most expats to try.

Here are three benefits expats can enjoy when storing with Extra Space Asia Self-Storage:


The idea of self-storage will come in handy for expats who have moved from a bigger home to a much smaller home but still have many pieces of furniture or boxes that would not fit into the current home. They can start to rent a self-storage unit first to store those items that do not fit in their homes during this transition period.

By storing your items in a storage facility such as Extra Space Asia Self-Storage, you will be provided a unique Pincode to access the storage area. For added protection, only the storer has access to the storage unit. Even the Customer Service Executives do not hold any keys to the lock on your storage unit.


In cases where you are planning to relocate soon, the storage space becomes a safe and secure choice for storing your personal items and furniture. It is a good transition space where you can store your items first until the relocation details are finalised for the transporter company to move everything to your new location.

For self-storage providers such as Extra Space Asia, expats will also have the choice of storing from as short as 14 days to as long they require. There is no fixed storage contract to adhere to. If you require more time to settle your relocation arrangements, simply extend the storage duration by speaking to the Customer Service Executive directly.


Compared to continuing the property rental for a prolonged period, which can be expensive in Malaysia, expats can save more by storing their personal items at a self-storage facility that offers a more flexible storage plan and duration to fit their storage needs. You will be glad to know that you only need to pay for the storage size you rent, some administration fees and insurance coverage.


Searching for a stable, safe and secure storage operator in Malaysia? Extra Space Asia Self-Storage might be what you are looking for. They offer a wide range of storage services with 24/7 CCTV monitoring and 24/7 pin code access.

Come visit any of the 5 storage facilities located around Malaysia to learn more about their wide range of storage with flexible rental duration based on your needs. Alternatively, call today at 1300220288 to find out more.

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