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Thailand’s Latest Requirements for All International Arrivals

Image Credit: Global Times
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Travellers who wish to visit the Kingdom of Thailand are now required to provide documentation of being vaccinated against Covid-19.

Editor’s Note: On January 9, Thailand revoked its requirement for visitors to be vaccinated, saying that checking the vaccination status of visitors was ‘inconvenient.’ Now, all arrivals will be granted entry without restrictions relative to their Covid-19 vaccination status.

On January 7, the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) released an official declaration concerning all international tourists visiting the Kingdom: tourists must now provide documented proof of being vaccinated or have a written letter confirming they have recovered from Covid-19, within a six-month time frame.

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The requirement also goes for anyone who isn’t vaccinated, who must then provide medically certified papers explaining their vaccination exemption.

Foreigners travelling to Thailand from a country where a negative RT-PCR test result is a condition for entry are required to show proof of health insurance that covers Covid-19 treatment, the Health Ministry said. This appears to be a reciprocal ‘punishment’ requirement of sorts, but based on this statement, it would not apply to visitors travelling from Malaysia as no PCR test results are currently required for foreigners to enter Malaysia.

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Additionally, CAAT will have to lean on the responsibility of all airlines flying into Thailand, especially for document cross-checking before passengers board the aircraft. Airlines will have to share with their passengers CAAT’s comprehensive list of how many doses are required, for every type of Covid-19 vaccine available.

According to reports, these new requirements have already been implemented, and all arriving flights into Thailand since 1 am on January 9 have been subject to the new procedures.

As for Thai passport holders or travellers in transit, they are not required to submit proof of vaccination or hold a Covid-19 insurance policy.

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