Perks of Using Extra Space Asia for Short-Term Storage

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Self-storage at Extra Space Asia allows you to access your belongings anytime you like, with zero restrictions whatsoever.

There comes a moment in everyone’s life, where change is inevitable. It is crucial to be able to adapt and be flexible, as there’s plenty of curveballs and speed bumps on the road that is life. Examples of moments like these are such as moving homes or offices, renovation, the start or the end of a relationship, relocating to a new country and so on.

These are all major events that will require big decisions to be made, and some may feel overwhelmed when they look around and see the amount of stuff that has to be moved. However, fret not! Short-term storage with Extra Space Asia may just be the perfect solution! Read on to find out why.


Using self-storage for short-term storage is simply the easiest method, as it is highly convenient. You don’t have to trouble yourself worrying about your additional belongings, when you have bigger decisions and worries afoot. Self-storage allows you to access your belongings anytime you like, with zero restrictions whatsoever. Store your belongings with Extra Space Asia while you figure out your next steps!


Extra Space Asia allows customers the freedom to upsize and downsize, as well as to extend their duration of rental as and when they want to. Gone are the days of long-term contracts, where breaking the contract will result in a hefty fine or penalty. It’s understandable how situations such as home or office renovations may be hard to predict how long it would take, thus the flexibility to be able to change the storage duration is truly a huge perk!


Another important benefit that comes with self-storage is that it grants you peace of mind, knowing that safety and security is the utmost priority here at Extra Space Asia. Customers will have to enter a personalized PIN code before gaining access to the facility, where there will be an additional layer of security in the form of a lock and key for each storage unit. Not to mention the fact that the facilities are monitored 24/7 by CCTVs too!


With the price of property skyrocketing in recent times, space is quickly becoming scarce. To expand your home or offices, one has to be prepared to pay an absolute premium to do so. Thankfully, self-storage is the more affordable option should you need more space! You can also use Extra Space Asia for temporary storage for any additional inventories needed during festive season sales for your business!

In search of a temporary home for your belongings? Reach out to us today at 1300220288 or visit our website here!

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