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Document Storage Solutions for Businesses in Malaysia

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If you’re a business owner in Malaysia, you’re mandated by the Inland Revenue of Malaysia (LHDN) to retain sufficient records and a book of accounts for a period of seven years from the end of the year, for which income from the related business arises. That means your business will accumulate significant paperwork and documentation over time that needs to be stored. With rising property prices, finding adequate storage space is becoming more challenging.

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Luckily, businesses can use self-storage solutions to store their documents and files safely and affordably. Here are some benefits of using self-storage facilities:


Usually, documents and records are stacked in cabinets in boxes, taking up valuable office space that could be used for other purposes. By renting a secure storage unit, such as the ones offered by Extra Space Asia, you can free up your office space for more productive use. Documents stored in Extra Space Asia are safe and secure, with CCTV monitoring the facilities 24/7, a unique PIN code for all customers, and an additional layer of security with a personal lock for each unit, giving you peace of mind.


Extra Space Asia offers flexible storage options, allowing you to rent storage units for as short as 14 days or as long as you need. Moreover, you can extend the duration of your rental, if necessary, without being tied down to a fixed contract.


Whether you’re a small business owner or part of a large multinational, Extra Space Asia has a range of storage unit sizes to meet your needs. Their storage sizes range from as small as 11 sq ft to as large as over 500 sq ft, giving you the flexibility to choose the unit size that works best for you. Additionally, if your storage needs grow over time, you can easily upsize your storage unit.

If you want to learn more about document storage solutions for your business, contact Extra Space Asia’s friendly consultants at 1300 22 0288, or head over to their website to use their size estimator tool.

Free up space in your office today by storing with Extra Space Asia!

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