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OIS Eagle Week a Big Success!

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Oasis International School students put knowledge into practice and made a positive impact in the community during its fifth annual Eagle Week.

Eagle Week is when our community breaks from its normal routine to focus on preparing students to use their knowledge and skills to make a positive impact in the school, community, nation, and world. This is done through service- and ecology-focused projects, researching professions and businesses, and finally – putting it into practice by partnering with area organizations to serve and contribute to the community.

During the three days of Eagle Week (March 7th- March 10th 2023), every elementary class concentrated on specific UN Sustainable Development Goals and engaged in related activities. On Wednesday and Thursday, the lower elementary students stayed on the school premises and received information about various professions within the school, including teachers, cleaners, guards, gardeners, and business office workers.

Meanwhile, the upper elementary students went on a variety of field trips for a combination of learning and service purposes. On Friday, all the elementary students came together for the day. They began the morning with a session on responsible consumption and production, and in the afternoon, they visited different service stations to practice our service learning standards.

The majority of secondary students participated in a four-day program. On the first day, students went out into the community to learn about one of four service areas: nature, economy, society, or well-being. The next three days were spent at Tadom Hill Resorts where students collaborated with and competed against one another to create the best specific service projects possible.

Additionally, a group of high school students spent their Eagle Week at Tioman Island where they partnered with the Juara Turtle Project to learn about and serve the local turtle population. They helped construct coral reef beds, prepare turtle nests, and paint signs for local education.

To learn more about the OIS Service Learning Program, you may click here. Interesting in learning more about OIS? You may email us at [email protected] or give us a call at +603-5525 8111.

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