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The Malaysia British Society: Promoting Ties Between Malaysia and the UK

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Among resident expats in Malaysia, the United Kingdom is consistently among the best-represented. If you’re a Brit, you owe it to yourself to check out the Malaysia British Society.

Though Malaysia gained independence in 1957, its history is inextricably linked with the United Kingdom. Decades on, a close friendship remains between the two countries, and UK nationals are consistently at the top of the list for expat representation in Malaysia.

The British Malaysian Society was founded in the early 1980s as a bilateral friendship organisation. It seeks to nurture and maintain an array of contacts and valuable friendships that have been forged between Britons and Malaysians whilst living and doing business in both countries.

The Malaysian British Society fosters such friendships and promotes close and harmonious relations between Malaysia and Great Britain, in particular but without being limited to the professional, social, educational, arts, sports, economic, and cultural fields. Moreover, the MBS promotes a greater understanding generally between Malaysia and Great Britain.

Hosted events and get-togethers are a mainstay of the MBS – an opportunity for networking and friendship with like-minded individuals. Recently, for example, the MBS hosted an event for Britons (and others, of course) to share in the history and pageantry of the coronation of King Charles III. For three hours at a Bangsar-area pub (suitably named ‘The Crown’), guests enjoyed a selection of complimentary snacks and finger foods whilst watching the coronation proceedings live from Westminster Abbey.

The coronation event, hosted earlier this month by the MBS

To learn more about the Malaysia British Society, simply visit their WEBSITE.

[email protected]

In addition to Britons, membership eligibility has recently been expanded to also include all Malaysians and citizens of Commonwealth nations, too!

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