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Top Three Reasons to Attend a School Open Day

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Visiting a school’s Open Day is one of the best ways for parents to get a feel for the teaching, the learning, the activities, and more. An Open Day is a great way to see if a school is the right fit, and here are top three reasons you should attend!

Selecting the right educational institution for your child is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make as a parent. It’s a choice that can shape their academic journey, personal development, and future opportunities. When it comes to making this decision, attending an Open Day at a school like Garden International School (GIS) can provide invaluable insights. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why parents should attend GIS Open Day – and the advantages that doing so brings.


Attending an Open Day at GIS allows parents to step inside the school’s campus and experience its unique atmosphere. You can see the facilities, classrooms, libraries, sports fields, and a firsthand glimpse into the school’s learning culture. Watch closely to observe the rapport between the members of their class, and listen to how students and teachers talk about their learning and progress.

You will also have the chance to see all areas of the school in action, with students and teachers learning together inside classrooms, experiencing their PE lessons on the pitch, and making the most of specialist spaces like music rooms and science labs. You’ll be able to walk the corridors alongside the students, see the school cafeteria ‘in action’ and be part of the everyday hustle and bustle of school life.

As Ms Karen Lim, Head of Admissions at GIS explains: “On our Open Day, we want visiting families to experience firsthand what GIS is really like, immersing themselves in our vibrant learning environment and truly feeling part of our school for that morning. There are no rehearsals or staged lessons, just everyday GIS life at its busiest and happiest.”

Most importantly, by seeing the school on a typical school day, you will be able to get a strong sense of the school’s culture. Most parents and their children will instantly sense whether the school is the ‘right fit’ for them – and this is crucial.


During GIS Open Day, you will get the invaluable opportunity to chat to teachers, current students and parents at length. You can learn first-hand about the school’s curriculum, assessment, daily routines and learning culture. What extracurricular opportunities are on offer? Is there a bus to where we live? What’s the cafeteria food like? Any questions you’ve got – they’ll be happy to help answer them. On a normal school tour, it is rare that you would have the opportunity to chat to members of the school community at such length.


Finally, enjoy application fee waiver* during the Open Day promotion period. And who doesn’t love to save a bit of money?

So, don’t miss out on these advantages and attend those Open Days!

Come along and experience a day at GIS; learn more about our academic heritage, innovative learning culture and what makes GIS one of the world’s top international schools. Our October Open Days are fully booked now, but we would love to see you at the school for a guided tour!


For more details and to book a tour, CLICK HERE, or visit the GIS website at

Can’t make it to our Open Days? Our doors are open (almost) every day. Book your personal tour online at or call our lovely admissions team at 603.6209 6888.

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