Join Hands with Melbourne Capital Group in the Fight Against Cancer

Jake Mowson, Juria Hartmans, Melissa Lau, and Sam Marsden from Melbourne Capital Group at the ABWM Pink October event
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Join with Melbourne Capital Group for their Movember event, putting the focus on health awareness and philanthropy.

Melbourne Capital Group (MCG) has always placed a spotlight on family well-being, orchestrating various wellness activations in the past. This time, our focus pivots to cancer awareness over two crucial months. We’ve immersed ourselves in our communities, not only to raise funds and awareness for charities but also to engage with individuals, underscoring the vital importance of life-saving preventative screenings. It’s with pride that we stand as sponsors of the Association of British Women in Malaysia (ABWM)’s Pink October and the upcoming Movember events.


ABWM successfully rallied a room of 80 people on October 24th to come together and raise funds for The National Cancer Society of Malaysia. MCG hosted a trivia session in partnership with one of our insurance providers, Unisure, to educate in a fun way and drive conversation about preventative screenings. All in all, it was a lively day with a fashion show, shopping, some dancing, and drinks, all while raising funds.

Melbourne Capital Group partners with The Rosewood Clinic for ABWM Pink October event

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Mark your calendars for ABWM’s unmissable Movember event this month, where MCG is thrilled to be a proud sponsor, weaving together a day of fun and philanthropy. Calling on men to engage in a myriad of activities and stand a chance to snag exciting prizes by flaunting your most impressive moustache! Alternatively, amplify your support for prostate cancer awareness by volunteering for a charitable chest waxing. It’s more than an event; it’s where spirited fun meets meaningful impact.

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Be a part of our journey to make a difference. Join us in the upcoming Movember event and let’s stand united in the fight against cancer.

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