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Australian International School, Malaysia: Securing the Future of Students

AISM Campus
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Amid a changing world landscape, AISM is helping students to level up their skills to meet future demands.

The education landscape is changing rapidly and for the right reasons. According to experts, reskilling is the need of the hour and within the next five years, 44% of core skills among workers will experience a shift. If education doesn’t change with these shifts, the future of our children will be in turmoil. 


Even now, we can see what a storm was created when ChatGPT was introduced into the market. If artificial intelligence (AI), which is the backbone of ChatGPT, can cause such a furore in only its infancy, just imagine what great revolutions the advancements of such technologies like AI, robotics, and data science can do. Many jobs including writing and teaching have had to undergo reskilling to accommodate ChatGPT and the advancements or changes it brought along. This example just proves how unpredictable the job market presently is and how much more volatile it will become in the future.

As parents, our concern now should be to make sure our children are ready for the erratic future that they face. But how do you prepare your children for jobs that do not even exist now? 

Our current education system which was modelled on the first industrial revolution (IR) focuses on standardisation and memorisation or simply put, the intelligence quotient (IQ) of students, which was the need for IR1. But we are now amid the fourth IR and IQ skills will be efficiently handled by technology. What we need now is to help students hone their IQ, EQ (emotional quotient), and RQ (resilience quotient) to stay afloat in this changeable market scenario. And the best way to make sure students develop such skills is to teach them ‘how to learn’ instead of ‘what to learn’.


Mr Simon Brooks, who joined as principal of Australian International School, Malaysia (AISM) in 2022, understands the challenges of being a student, a parent of a student, and a teacher in this era. Under his leadership, AISM is redefining academic rigour by doing away with traditional ways of learning that focus on test scores, rote learning, and one-way teaching where the teachers talk and the students listen. 

According to Mr Simon Brooks, the new age academic rigour that is practised at AISM involves changing the traditional roles of student and teacher to tell a new story of learning. 

“When we support students in becoming active creators, initiators, problem finders and effective collaborators,” he says, “while we as teachers focus on coaching, mentoring and facilitating their learning, then students’ understanding, engagement, curiosity, and self-direction increases exponentially!”

For Mr Brooks, the primary goal for all teachers is to create the right classroom conditions for good thinking to thrive. All teachers at AISM are trained in practices from Harvard University to help them actively encourage and deepen students’ thinking. In doing so, young people feel more motivated to learn, developing much more profound understandings as they become engaged and active citizens who are equipped to thrive in the real world.

However, the excellent guidance of Mr Simon Brooks and the redefined philosophy of academic rigour practised at AISM are not the only reasons the school has become one of the top international schools in Malaysia. Two other important factors are:

  1. The Australian curriculum offered by AISM, which is the doorway towards getting admission to top-class universities throughout the world, and
  2. The Visible Learning methodology of teaching followed at AISM that has successfully transformed students’ lives over the years and continues to do so. 


The Australian curriculum is one of the most sought-after worldwide because of its approach to education and continuous advancement of syllabi. Accepted in most renowned universities across the world, the Australian curriculum offers a wider choice of subjects that most other courses don’t. The Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) exam offers six subjects, along with compulsory English, against three subjects offered by other curriculums. Not to mention the emphasis given to building in-depth knowledge in subjects and leadership skills through hands-on learning. 

If the above isn’t all, the Australian curriculum paves the way for students to get into top-class Australian universities, three of which have recently been ranked among the top 20 universities around the world in the QS World University Rankings


Did you know that AISM is the first Visible Learning school in the world? Visible Learning is an educational approach that makes use of years of researched and documented learning methods, comparing the effect size of different strategies and equipping teachers with the skills to determine what works best. 

Visible Learning aims to create students who are self-reliant and can become their own teachers. Visible Learners know how to learn, and are able to talk about their own progress, seeking feedback and seeing errors as opportunities to learn.


AISM is committed to ensuring that students facing the uncertain future are well prepared for what may come and armed with the two greatest artilleries for providing the best education to students, the school is well equipped to lead and show the way towards the future of education. After all, the school has been transforming the lives of students since its inception and has been moving from strength to strength over the years. The year-on-year HSC results, the well-placed alumni, and the satisfied parents bear testimony to this fact. 

If you are keen to know more about how the Australian curriculum can help your child have a brighter future or how visible learning is practised at AISM do visit the school’s website for more information. You can also contact the admissions team for any queries on the January 2024 intake. Let your child experience a complimentary* interactive trial class. Limited seats available.

Make the right decision now and ensure that your child is not only ready to face the future but embraces it with wide open arms!

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