Upgrade Alert: This Internet Service Provider Is Now Giving Customers More Speed for Free

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With apologies to Dire Straits, it’s a bit of a variation on “money for nothing and your ‘clicks’ for free” for subscribers to TIME.

Well, this is something that doesn’t happen nearly often enough: A company giving customers more… but without raising prices!

Internet service provider (ISP) TIME dotCom Berhad (Time) has announced a complimentary speed upgrade for its customers who already hold existing plans ranging from 100Mbps to 500Mbps.

Under this upgrade scheme, subscribers on the 100Mbps plan will see a boost to 200Mbps, while those on the 300Mbps plan will be moved to 500Mbps, and those on the 500Mbps plan will experience an increase to 600Mbps.

Image Credit: TechNave

Existing TIME subscribers can ascertain if they have received the upgrade by accessing the company’s self-help page, which will show their current plan.

A notice on the webpage assures customers that “Everything else stays the same! There will be no change to your existing broadband fee, contracts, or discounts (if any). More details coming soon.”

From what we could surmise, this notification only appears if your account has already been upgraded. Self-care pages for those accounts which have not yet received the free boost in speed apparently look the same as always.

According to TIME’s customer support team, the rollout of these complimentary upgrades commenced on March 22 and is anticipated to take two months to reach all customers.

“If you are one of the eligible subscribers, we will reach out to you soon! As speed upgrades will take approximately two months, starting March 22, 2024, it will take some time before we can reach you.

“You can check your Self Care account or TIME Internet app for updates,” the announcement noted.

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