Handy App Makes Recycling in Petaling Jaya Easier

The Kita Recycle Initiative | Image Credit: Nestlé Malaysia
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The mobile app was recently launched by the PJ City Council to enhance and improve community recycling efforts.

Residents in Petaling Jaya now have a convenient tool at their fingertips for staying updated on recycling programs and communicating directly with waste management company KPT Recycle Sdn Bhd through the 3R Famili application, launched by the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) in conjunction with World Earth Day.

The application offers residents the ability to make collection requests, receive notifications about collection schedules, and track the real-time location of recycling trucks, enhancing the efficiency of the Door-to-Door Collection and Recycling Programme. This initiative, which commenced as a pilot project in 2016 and is now in its sixth phase, is a collaborative effort involving Nestle (M) Bhd and Tetra Pak.

Since its official rollout in 2020, the programme has covered 85 areas in Petaling Jaya, resulting in the collection of 4,239.2 tonnes of recyclable waste in 2023 alone, contributing significantly to waste diversion from landfills and environmental preservation. Aligning with the government’s objective to achieve a national recycling rate of 40% by 2025, this initiative underscores the commitment to sustainable waste management practices.

The 3 Rs provide a foundation for sustainability | Image Credit:

During the launch ceremony, Mayor Mohamad Zahri Samingon expressed satisfaction with the success of the previous phases and reiterated Petaling Jaya’s commitment to becoming a sustainable city. Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Department director Zain Azly Abdul Rahman also graced the occasion.

To recognize the contributions of participants in the previous phases, certificates and cash prizes ranging from RM250 to RM500 were awarded to representatives. Emphasizing the importance of proper waste management, the programme encourages residents to send their recyclables to KPT Recycle, including dry mixed recyclables (DMR) such as paper, cardboard, used beverage cartons, glass bottles, plastics, and metals.

However, certain items such as used cooking oil, rubber and leather items, fabric, ceramic, porcelain, tissue paper, glass tableware, and electronic waste are not accepted. Participants are advised to sort, clean, and dry the DMR before placing them in the yellow recycling boxes provided by MBPJ and leaving them outside their doors for weekly collection according to the schedule.

Upon collection, the DMR undergoes deposit, weighing, and sorting processes, separating recyclables from non-recyclables. Recyclables are then reprocessed or upcycled into secondary raw materials, while non-recyclables are co-processed and converted into Refuse Derived Fuel, contributing to a more sustainable waste management ecosystem.

The 3R Famili app is available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play for Android devices.

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