Maybank to Discontinue Its Maybank2u Banking App

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The move comes less than a month after CIMB made a similar change with its own mobile banking app.

With effect from June 30, 2024, Maybank will discontinue updates for the Maybank2u mobile banking app, which will also be removed from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei AppGallery.

Users with the app already installed can continue to access it until further notice. However, Maybank advises switching to the MAE app, which offers all the features of its predecessor along with a broader range of banking and lifestyle functionalities and enhanced security measures.

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The discontinuation of the bank’s initial app is part of its efforts to improve the online banking experience via MAE. The bank announced that customers can continue accessing their accounts through Maybank2u if it remains installed on their devices, though the only caveat is that it will no longer receive any updates after the end of the month.

Maybank has assured customers that its online banking services will not be impacted by the removal of Maybank2u from app stores. Users can perform their banking activities as usual on the MAE app or through the Maybank2u website, ensuring that essential services remain uninterrupted during the transition.

Customers are also cautioned against downloading .APK files from unofficial sources due to potential security risks, including malware and scams. Instead, the MAE app should be downloaded from official app stores for a secure and comprehensive banking experience.

On a related note, Maybank isn’t the only local bank to discontinue the use of its original app. CIMB ceased support for its CIMBClicks mobile app on June 11, and are urging users to download the newer CIMB OCTO app instead.

To learn more, visit Maybank’s official Maybank2u site.

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