Repton International School

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Heritage and Identity

Repton School in Derbyshire, UK founded in 1557, is now 463 years old. The founder of the school, Sir John Port, was an enlightened and generous benefactor who provided for the establishment of Repton School, through a provision in his will. Little did he know that his generosity would provide a world class education for generations of pupils, and lead to the formation of a ‘family’ of international schools, spanning the United Arab Emirates, China, Singapore, Egypt, Bulgaria and Malaysia.

In partnership with CES, we are proud to establish Repton Malaysia as a truly world class school with roots in the UK and branches stretching across the globe. Repton Malaysia cherishes close links to Repton UK and with all Repton international schools around the world all of which embrace the same values and commitment to excellence.

Repton UK which was established in 1557 in Derby, England, has become one of the most prestigious institutions in the UK and has recently been growing internationally, spanning across three continents today. We firmly believe that there is great value in being part of the Reptonian family, united with one educational philosophy, driven to play a role in shaping the world of tomorrow.

Curriculum: British
Education Levels: Early Years, Junior School, Senior School (IGCSE), Sixth Form (IB Diploma and A Level Programme)

Tel: +60 73 829 999
Fax: +607 3 888 800

Email: [email protected]

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