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Welcome to SWEA Kuala Lumpur. KL is a lovely city that has a lot to offer. We at SWEA KL have about 50 members and arrange a varied program. We meet for lunch, coffee mornings, tours and many more exciting activities! As a member you can participate in all our activities and have easy access to an active network. We hope that you also want to join SWEA. For contact, whether for membership, practical questions or you are just craving a cup of coffee, please contact one of us on the board.

Ordinary annual fee, 2019: 200 RM 
Annual fee for those under the age of 25: 100 RM 
New members who are added after August 1, 2019 pay 100 RM for the remainder of the current year.

Website: https://kualalumpur.swea.org/

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