Welcome to SWEA Kuala Lumpur. KL is a lovely city that has a lot to offer. We at SWEA KL have about 65 members and arrange a varied program. We meet for lunch, coffee morning, tours and much more exciting! We have book clubs that are seen once a month, a play group that meets once a week. We hope that you also want to join SWEA. For contact, whether for membership, practical questions or you are just craving for a cup of coffee, please contact one of us on the board.

Ordinary annual fee, 2018: 200 RM 
Annual fee for you under the age of 25: 100 RM 
New members who are added after August 1, 2018 pay 100 RM for the remainder of the current year.

Website: https://kualalumpur.swea.org/

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