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Moving anywhere but especially to a new country means many changes for us. You have to find new service people, a car, house, doctors, hospitals, schools and one might argue just as importantly, hair salons. Both men and women find this a challenge and most of us will switch salons many times before finding just the right one for us individually.

I’ve lived in the greater Klang Valley for 13 years now and found the search for a good hairstylist to be daunting. I discovered most local salons are not used to working on “expat” or Western hair and I had some real “experiences”. My hair is very dense but the strands are thin. It also turned white almost overnight when I was forty and keeping it coloured is a top priority while at the same time having it look chic, fashionable and professional and keeping it moisturized and healthy in this tropical climate. The very first hairdresser I went to in Seremban, although very sweet, put a caustic dye on my hair causing most of it to fall out.

So I want to share with you what many of us here at The Expat Group have known for years as well as many other expats here for a while. We go to ISH Salon on Jalan Telawi in Bangsar. The owner and operator is an Australian and half his stylists are expats as well. His local stylists are highly and continuously trained and have won many awards for colouring, fashion and style. Indeed they train students from several hair Schools as interns such is their skill.

I must add that compared to other top brands in operation here, ISH’s rates are very reasonable. Since ISH depends mostly on word of mouth and repeat business, they are constantly tweaking their service, products and keeping up with the very latest in hair techniques. I have always felt very con.dent when I sit in the chair there and watch while they expertly layer my hair and then give it a natural looking colour with brightening highlights. The authentic friendliness of each stylist is just another big plus for me making it not just another errand to do, but a very enjoyable experience.

Ish Salon is also a leader in bringing in the latest products and techniques. Several of our sta. at TEG have gone for their Nano Hair Straightening Treatment. Even the boss’s daughter who is a professional model had it done was thrilled with the results.

Nano Straight is the revolutionary keratin system that is formaldehyde, aldehyde and ether free that smooths, reconstructs and relaxes the hair using only a blend of proteins and amino acids. As Sonya Davison says, “It really works!”

Nano Straight, unlike traditional relaxers containing lye, sodium hydroxide, guanidine or other harmful ingredients, Nano Straight does not damage the natural structure of the hair and most importantly does not contain formaldehyde or precursors. It is a straightening and restructuring crème based on a mix of keratin and amino acids so it will straighten your hair without damage. After the treatment your hair will be much more manageable, shinier and smoother. It will be noticeably softer and straighter and will reduce the amount of time required to style it by half.

Nano Straight is so safe it can be used on pregnant women and on all types of chemically treated hair. You will be able to shampoo your hair too, right afterwards.

ISH Salon carries the full range of Nano products from rejuvenating shampoo to a conditioner that acts as a conductor to carry all the nutrients deep into the cortex or inner layer of the hair faster and with greater results. They also have Nano Treatment which actually regenerates and rebuilds the hair shaft.

One formula works on all types of hair!


I’m not an easy to please type of person and I DO have difficult hair so when I can confidently write that I heartily recommend you give ISH Salon a try for any of your hair needs, you can be sure you will love your results! It’s located on the first floor right next to the Post Office on centrally located Jalan Telawi.

Hours-Monday through Saturday
#46-1 Jalan Telawi
Bangsar Baru 59100 KL
Visit [email protected]

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