Up to 4,853 Traffic Summonses Issued over Festive Period

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It appears that drivers in Malaysia seem to think that it is perfectly alright for them to continue breaking traffic laws, despite the numerous warnings given by traffic police that security will be beefed up during the festive season.

During the Hari Raya season, traffic police handed out a staggering 4,853 summonses. According to a comment made by Road Transport Department director general Datuk Solah Mat Hassan to The Star newspaper, drivers were still breaking rules despite the on-going traffic enforcement operation and various programmes on road safety.

“This was very much evident on the roads during the balik kampung and balik kerja traffic movements in conjunction with Hari Raya between August 12 and Tuesday. “Most of the offences committed were overtaking at double lines, driving on the emergency lane, not wearing helmets or seatbelts, running red lights and using hand phones while driving,” he said.

According to the article, the Road Transport Department had inspected 36,229 vehicles and seized 67 for various traffic offences.

Were you issued a summon during the recent festive period?

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