When will Google Maps for iOS be Released in Malaysia?

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On Thursday, 13 December 2012, Google released Google Maps for iOS. The world may have shifted from all the Apple fans jumping up and down with joy – well, maybe not in Malaysia.

Unfortunately, Google Maps is not yet available in the Malaysian Apple App Store, but we can only hope it will arrive soon. iPhone users have been all too dependent on alternative map applications, given the poor excuse of a map Apple provided with their iOS 6 update.

When will Google Maps be released in Malaysia? Well, unfortunately, we’re not sure. However, we’re sharing some highlights of the app below.

Google Maps iOS highlights:

  • New Look: Google Maps offers a fresh new look.  The application feels more friendly and welcoming than the original Google Maps for the iPhone. This may be a result of the bolder colours, minimalistic design, improved loading time, and reduced clutter.
  • Highly Responsive: The app’s loading time appears to load quicker or are as you glide you finger over geographic regions..
  • Two Points of View: Their are now two different perspectives of viewing the map, as represented by the snapshots below.  Basically, there is the traditional aerial view (2D, like looking at a traditional map) and angled view (3d; looking at poin from an elevated, angled – not directly above).
  • Turn by Turn Navigation: Google Maps now offers turn by turn direction.  Given that this is in beta mode, I’m dubious how well it will manage with Malaysia’s labyrinthe of roads.

The most important point though is that one of the most reliable free map applications has returned to the iPhone.

You can checkout the Google Maps commercial below.



So, back to the original question posed by this post’s title. When do you think Google Maps will be released in Malaysia?  Anyone tried Google Maps yet?  Any thoughts?



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Photo credit: dannysullivan / Foter / CC BY


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