Traffic Summons Paid by Malaysian Motorists Amount to RM10m Every Year

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According to statistics, traffic fines paid by motorists in Malaysia come up to RM10m every year!

Bernama reported that according to the Kuala Lumpur Police, 22,054 traffic summonses were issued between January and September of 2012. A total of 33,836 traffic summonses were issued in 2010, which is a total of RM10.5 million!

The fine for beating a traffic signal is RM300. Traffic summonses issued by City Traffic Police for beating traffic lights (between January-September 2012) came up to 35,185.

Based on this report, it is evident that most motorists do not care for their safety or for the safety of others. The main concern is for one to reach a destination on time. It is also clear that these motorists are not affected by the fine, which is why the traffic rules have not been effective in reducing the number of traffic offenses in Malaysia.

A change in attitude is needed for errant motorists who constantly break traffic rules. One does not only put their own lives at risk by breaking traffic rules, but the lives of other, innocent road users too.

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