5 places for bargain shopping in Kuala Lumpur

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Updated: December 2016

Shopping is a favourite activity in Malaysia for locals, expats and tourist. A fact known internationally as just last year, Kuala Lumpur was named the 5th best shopping city in the world by Expedia.

But prices are going up and it has become an expensive hobby for many people. Not everyone can afford to shop for exclusive brands in boutiques. So why not try bargain shopping in Malaysia? Bargain shopping is a trend that many have picked up in Malaysia, simply because one can get a reasonable quality item for half the price. And if it is second hand, then you are buying an item with a little bit of history.

But where to bargain shop in Kuala Lumpur?

From clothes, shoes, books, knick knacks, electronics, antiques, souvenirs and handicrafts, we list down the top five things to bargain shop for in Malaysia, and where you can do it.

1. BookXcess for books

Buying a book in Malaysia is somewhat expensive. For those who have an insatiable reading habit, this is a really expensive hobby. But the good thing is you can buy books, new books in fact, at cheaper prices. A bookshop called BookXcess, located in Amcorp Mall, sells brand new books -paperback and hardcover – audio books, imported magazines, and loads of other reading materials for a bargain. That RM50++ book you paid for at a normal bookstore would cost you around RM17.90 at BookXcess. These books are all new and original copies (don’t worry, they aren’t photocopied books!). You may not get all the books you are looking for on your book list, but you might end up finding some other interesting title. Pay them a visit to find out more.

2. Berjaya Times Square Mall for fashion and accessories

If buying branded labels is your thing, then don’t even bother with bargain shopping. Finding pre-loved stores selling branded labels is your best bet, but the choices are low. But if you are not into labels, head on down to Berjaya Times Square Shopping Mall. Almost every floor on this mall is filled with boutiques selling affordable shoes, clothes, accessories, bags and other fashionable items. One can purchase a cocktail dress for as low as RM25, or fake leather boots for RM60. Bags are a plenty and are all priced below RM40. And of course, you will come across stalls selling beautiful earrings for as low as RM10 for 3 or 4 pairs.


3. Low Yat Plaze for electronics

Low Yat Plaza in Bukit Bintang is well-known in Malaysia for selling electronic items at a slightly cheaper price. This includes the latest mobile phones, lap tops, computers, game stations, tablets, cameras, HD television, accessories such as headphones and chargers and more. Low Yat Plaza is also known as Malaysia’s premier IT shopping mall, as there are almost 500 stores in the mall specializing in IT products. The best part is that you can go do a little bargaining. Some shops may offer you a cheaper price compared to other shops in the same mall.

4. Central Market for souvenirs and handicrafts

Whether you’re a local, expat or tourist, shopping for souvenirs and local handicrafts is a must when in Malaysia. The best place to do this is at Central Market, opposite the Pasar Seni LRT station. Central Market is home to stalls selling souvenirs such as key chains, figurines, t-shirts, shoes, unique timepieces, bags, cute knick knacks, local handicraft such as batik, songket, wau, household decorations and more. Items here are reasonably priced and some places don’t mind if you bargain a little with them.

5. Amcorp Mall for knick knacks and antiques

The best place to buy knick knacks and antiques would be a flea market. And the most popular flea market is the one that takes places every Saturdays and Sundays at Amcorp Mall. Just bring along a shopping bag (go green!) and browse through the cute little stalls scattered all across the mall. You can find pre-loved clothes, books, toys, leather shoes, old cassettes/records/CDs, movie posters, coasters, collectible beer mugs, unique accessories, lamps, herbal medicines and tons more. A majority of these items are pre-loved and they are cheap. You can buy a good book for as low as RM2 or a set of collectible Michael Jackson figurines for RM80.

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