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Why You Should Join the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia

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This article is brought to you by the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia

As a brand new expat in Malaysia, discovering and learning about your new life in a brand new country will always be fun and exciting. But once things fall into a routine and you find yourself bored – this is especially true for those who aren’t working – it is time to pick up a hobby, like learning the art of pastry making.

Learning the art of pastry making is complicated, but exciting as well. And to hone your skills, you should seek out the best place offering courses in baking and pastry making, like the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia. For those interested in the art of baking and pastry making, the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia is like a dream come true.


The Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia

The Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia is an exclusive pastry academy giving you the opportunity to work with the best in the field. When you join the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia, you will also learn quickly with all the hands-on experience you receive. Plus, you will be working with the best techniques, tools and ingredients. Besides that, you will also get to put your techniques to the test when you have to work at hands-on professional events and tours.

The size of a class at the academy is small. It is purposely kept to a minimum to ensure that students get the utmost attention from their chef instructors.

The instructors that will be training and mentoring you are all award-winning instructors/chefs. Facilities wise, there are seven specialized kitchens – equipped with the latest equipment’s, ingredients, and tools – that you will need.


Courses Offered at the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia

There are altogether three full time courses available at the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia. 

The Academy also offers Short Classes for those who wish to continue their education, Weekend-Part-Time programes and a nine-day Chocolatier Program. There are also special classes, but you will have to enquire with the Academy about this.


Full Time Course:Basic Certificate in Pastry and Bakery Arts

This is a 3 month course for beginners. This course will teach you the basic skills you will need in Pastry and Bakery. The course covers;

  • Hygiene, Sanitation and Science of Baking
  • Bakery and Artisan Breads –Basic
  • Europeans Breakfast Pastries –Basic
  • Basic French Pastries
  • Classic Cakes
  • Art of Plating Dessert
  • Tarts and Pies
  • Wedding Cakes –Basic
  • Chocolate and Pralines –Basic
  • Cookies
  • Sugar Work and Pastillage –Basic
  • Study trips/Hotel tours

Admission Fee:RM600
Course Fee: RM10,400
Total Fee: RM11,000

If you wish to further your studies, you can choose to upgrade from a Certificate to a Diploma, and pay and additional RM11,000.

An upgrade from a Certificate to an Advance Diploma is RM21,500.


Full Time Course: Diploma in Pastry and Bakery Arts

This is a 6 months course with an optional 3 months in industrial training. This course is also suitable for beginners, although you won’t be learning the basics as this is more of an intermediate level. This course will cover the Basic Certificate Modules with additional Intermediate skills. At the end you will get an internationally recognized Diploma by City & Guilds UK. The course covers;

  • Kitchen Maintenance, Budgeting & Costing, Business Planning
  • Bakery and Artisan Breads –Intermediate
  • European Breakfast Pastries –Intermediate
  • Tarts and Torte
  • Tea cakes and cookies
  • Modern French Pastries
  • Wedding Cakes –Intermediate
  • Chocolate and Pralines –Intermediate
  • Chocolate Display
  • Sugar Work and Pastillage –Intermediate
  • Study trips and hotel tours

Admission Fee: RM600
Course Fee:RM20,900
Total Fee: RM21,500

If you wish to further your studies in this course, you can choose an upgrade to an Advance Diploma (additional 3 months). The additional course fee is RM11,000.


Full Time Course: Advanced Diploma in Pastry and Bakery Arts

This is a 9 months course. This course will allow you to further your studies with an exchange program partner, ENSP in France (optional). You can also choose to do a 3 month industrial training which is also optional. This hands-on course will teach you the basics and intermediate skills in Bakery & Pastry. From here, you will reach a professional level and master advanced techniques. The course offers;

  • Business Planning and Professional Grooming
  • Wedding Cake –Advanced
  • Sugar Art –Advanced
  • Chocolate and Pralines –Advanced
  • Breads –Advanced
  • Chocolate Display –Advanced
  • Modern French Pastries –Advanced
  • Plated Desserts –Advanced
  • Petit Four –Advanced

Admission Fee: RM600
Course Fee: RM31,400
Total Fee: RM32,000

Part Time Course: Certificate in Pastry & Bakery Arts Part-Time

For those who don’t have the time to take up a full time course, the part time Certificate in Pastry & Bakery Arts is perfect. This course can be completed in 3 months, but you can choose to take up to 9 months to complete it. The course is flexible and perfect for people who are too busy. The course covers;

  • Breads
  • Breakfast Pastries
  • Tarts
  • Chocolate
  • Cookies
  • Sugar Art and Cup Cake
  • Cheese Cake and Petit Four
  • Classic Cakes
  • Plated Dessert
  • Wedding Cake
  • Revision
  • Assessment

Admission Fee: RM200
Examination Fee: RM300
Course Fee: RM5,000
Total Fee: RM5,500


Chocolatier Program

The Chocolatier Program is offered in three different levels. You can choose to take on all three, or chose which one you are interested in. The duration of the whole program is nine days.

Level 1: Chocolate & Pralines

Here‘s what you will learn at Level 1;

  • Tempering and moulding chocolates
  • Different fillings (ganache)
  • Cutting and dipping of ganache
  • Truffles (hand rolled and piped)
  • Six different types of chocolates

Duration: 2 days
Course Fee: RM500

Level 2: Chocolate & Pralines

For those with experience in chocolate making, this course will help you upgrade your skills.
Here’s what you will learn at Level 2;

  • Tempering and moulding chocolates
  • Different flavoured ganaches
  • Work with textured sheets and transfer sheets
  • Hard caramel filling
  • Moulded chocolate using cocoa spray
  • Pate de fruit
  • Soft ganache pralines
  • Overall 10-12 types of Chocolates & Pralines

Duration: 3 days
Course Fee: RM900

Level 3: Chocolate & Pralines

Looking for a little more knowledge to open your own chocolate business? Well, this course is exactly what you need, especially if you already have an intermediate knowledge in chocolate making.

This course will help you understand the art of creating moulded; hand rolled and cut ganaches, pralines using moulds, frames, piping, and the advanced use of texture sheets, transfer sheets and multi layering of cocoa spray.

You will also learn;

  • How to give your chocolates a metallic impact
  • The use of edible sugar sheets on chocolates
  • Storing, packaging and supplying details of chocolate business

You will also be taken on a field trip to a small scale Chocolate Production House.

Duration: 4 days hands-on class
Course Fee: RM3,000

So there you go, pretty much everything you need to know on pastry, baking and chocolates is available in full time and part time classes at the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia.

If you are interested in joining or finding out more about the courses mentioned above, visit their website.

The Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia is located at Lot 2-A, 2nd Floor, Wisma Thrifty, No. 19, Jalan Barat, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. You can call them at 03-79603846 or email them at [email protected] 


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