Huffington Post Named Malaysia as the 2nd Best Stress-Free Solo Travel Destination in the World

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A recent piece on the Huffington Post named Malaysia as the second best place in the world for a stress-free solo travel.

According to the blurb, Malaysia is “Safe, affordable and full of opportunities for outdoor exploration, Malaysia is a top solo travel destination in Asia. Hike or backpack through the countryside and enjoy some peace and quiet at one of Borneo's restful coastal resorts. Be sure to make a stop in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur to enjoy the local culture and cuisine. The country is known to be safe for solo female travellers, but TripAdvisor recommends that women avoid wearing skimpy clothing while sightseeing during the day, and steer clear of flashy jewelry or accessories that might attract pick-pockets.”

The only other Asian destination mentioned was Vietnam (10th best place).

Other places mention are Costa Rica, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Sydney, Ireland, Reyljavik in Iceland, New Zealand and Belize.

Check out the full post here.

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