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Quality Burgers at The Daily Grind

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At The Daily Grind, the creation of burgers is an art. Patties are made with home-ground premium meat (with nothing nasty added), and the huge burgers that they go on to create are topped and styled with all manner of flavours and tasty additions, before being adorned with a funky name you won’t forget.

It all sounds like advertising speak, and yet it’s all true. From lamb, chicken, fish, and vegetarian to the seriously tasty 180g-of-beef burgers, these towering edibles are as enjoyable as they are huge, creative as they are well-executed. Regional flavours inspire some creations – the Japanese Yodel Burger comes topped with cheese fondue, and sautéed and tempura mushrooms, while the Bahn Mi Chicken Burger transports you to Vietnam with pickled daikon and jalapeños – while others are just down right indulgent: a beef burger topped with foie gras, balsamic glaze, mushrooms, and onion-cranberry jam, anyone?

But it is not all about burgers. A comprehensive menu offers a choice of nibbles, soups, salads, brunches, and sandwiches for those looking “light”, while mains and pastas are heavier options for the hungry and a kids menu comes with a free drink.

Attention to quality doesn’t slip when the focus shifts from the burgers, and neither does portion size. The Shrimp Po Boy will confound your “sandwich” expectations by delivering a large toasted baguette piled with salad and crispy breaded shrimps accompanied with chips, while brunch options are intelligent and tempting, from pancakes, full Englishes, and more creative options such as the Corn, Egg, and Lobster (a tasty corn frittata with a poached egg and lobster). Puddings and desserts tick the indulgence box wholeheartedly, with the decadent Chocolate and Cheese Temptation battling against the Red Velvet cake for your attention.

If quality is the cake of this joint, fun is the icing. Dishes come with quirky names, staff are jolly, and simple pleasures are delivered in such a way you can’t help but smile, and enjoy them all the more. We laughed delightedly when the Dog’s Dinner arrived – a mound of chips, onion sauce, and cheese in a dog’s bowl topped with dog biscuits – while the Dolly Pancakes came complete with a Barbie doll struggling out of the chocolate sauce-drenched top.

The drinks menu can satisfy just as much as the solids, and serious drinkers can enjoy a range of libations at the bar (a smoking area), while pages of milkshakes, juices, mocktails, teas, and coffees will keep everyone else happy and hydrated.

Believe all the hype: the burgers here are out of this world, and a visit will leave you smiling and utterly stuffed.

Fact File :

The Daily Grind
Bangsar Village
1 Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
03.2287 6708
Open: daily 11am-11pm


Prices: Nibbles, Soups, and Salads: RM8-25 Burgers RM24-58 Mains: RM24-48

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Source: The Expat May 2013

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