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GoPro - 720x400
A photograph using a GoPro camera. Photo credit: Steven | Alan / / CC BY-ND

GoPro cameras have always been the preferred choice for adrenaline junkies who love sharing their adventures with others. These cameras are known for their small size and feature richness.  Fortunately, you can also purchase them in Malaysia to capture your adventures.

The recently released GoPro Hero 3 is just 58 x 40 x 21 mm but still can deliver 4K videos (meaning, a horizontal resolution of 4,000 pixels!).  The camera comes with a 2-cm monochrome LCD display. This action packed camera will fit in your palm and can even be controlled using Wi-Fi. There are three editions of GoPro Hero 3, which are Black, Silver and White. The Black edition is the most feature-rich version.

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GoPro Features

The camera has various shooting modes, which enable you to shoot excellent quality high-resolution and slow-motion videos. It has mini-USB and micro-HDMI ports with a slot for microSD card. The high-end GoPro Hero 3 which is Black also comes with a Wi-Fi remote which is waterproof to 3 meters below water and can control up to 50 cameras from a distance of about 180 meters. This means you can fit the camera at any place you want and control it with the remote.

All Hero 3 cameras are Wi-Fi remote compatible. These cameras come with several accessories that make shooting under any conditions a breeze. The company has accessories to acclimatize the camera to just about any situation you can think of.

GoPro Software

GoPro allows its users to download an app free of cost which can convert smartphones and tablets (which run on Windows, Android and iOS) into a remote control for the camera. The company also offers purchasers a free video editing software called Cineform Studio. You can also create 3D videos (if you have 2 GoPro cameras) and post them directly online on sites like YouTube.

Soundproofing and Waterproofing

One of the most common problems with adventure cameras is noise filtration. When you would want to record all verbal excitement, you would also want to eliminate the noise of the wind if you are into high-altitude jumping or high-speed biking. Most cameras counter this problem through noise-elimination housing cases, which tend to take away all sounds including your voice. Surprisingly, GoPro 3 has talked this problem well. The camera does well to still capture the sounds you want and ignore the noise.

The waterproof casing that comes with GoPro makes it safe in water up to 60 meters allowing you to record all your underwater adventures. Note that the Wi-Fi remote allows you to control video shooting under water when you remain dry on the shore. For surfers, the company has come up with a special device called “floaty” that can be attached to the backdoor of the waterproof casing. The floaty prevents the camera from sinking in water.

Can You Buy GoPro in Malaysia?

The GoPro camera is marketed in Malaysia by Streamcast Asia. GoPro directly ships its products to over 200 countries around the world and it even gives money-back guarantee as a proof of its quality.

The GoPro Hero 3 will cost likely cost between RM 900 to RM 1,500, depending on the type,  and how you purchase it.


The Streamcast website lists over 60 stores in Malaysia for buying a GoPro camera .  To see the list, visit this page of their website.

You can check out the official GoPro website to know more about their return, shipment and money back policies, which are given in extensive detail.  You can visit the GoPro website here.

You can also buy GoPro on the Lazada Malaysia website and have it shipped straight to your door:

Here is a cool, promotional video introducing the GoPro Camera.

Have you used the GoPro Camera?  If purchased in Malaysia, please share some tips in the comments below about where to buy it here.

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Photo credit: Steven | Alan / / CC BY-ND

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