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Myo: Wirelessly Control Devices with Your Hands

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Have you seen the Star Wars movies and ever wished you had the Jedi powers to move and control things just with your mind?

If so, you may have a chance to experience a similar feeling by wearing a device on your arm called Myo.

What is Myo?

Myo is an armband developed by Canadian start-up, Thalmic Labs.  This armband detects your arm’s muscle movements and motions to wirelessly control devices.  More specifically, the device detects hand gestures and finger movements to implement specific commands.

Their promotional video demonstrates people snapping fingers to play music, swiping a hand to flip through a presentation, making hand gestures to control a moving vehicle, and mimicking a gun with hands for playing a shooting-based video game.

The armband wirelessly connects with most devices using Bluetooth technology and the armband will work with Windows and Mac OS.  Additionally there will be APIs for Android and iOS developers to integrate Myo with the respective smartphones.

When and Where Can I Buy a Myo Armband?

The device isn’t yet available for shipment now.  However, you can visit the Thalmic Labs website to pre-order the armband.  The device is priced at US$ 149.00 (~ RM 450.00).  To pre-order using a shipping address to Malaysia, there is a shipping charge of US$ 10.00 (~RM 30.).  If you order now, you can expect to receive it in early 2014.


Photos of Myo Armband


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Fadzli Razak

I want to know how it can compatible with otjer devices, as far as im concern its compatible with windows and mac, how about if it uses non microsoft and mac application? Example toys,.

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