Here is a Portable Keyboard that Fits in Your Pocket

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With advancement in technology, smartphones and tablets are quickly replacing laptops and desktop computers. But when you really need to type an email or create a graph, it can be much more difficult to do this with small communication devices, like smartphones and tablets. This is the one time that you feel the need for your laptop or – more specifically – a larger keyboard.

For most of us, carrying a laptop just for the keyboard is a pain. Now, imagine if you had an extremely portable keyboard that could fit in your pocket.

This functionality is precisely what myType serves.

Built by MIT graduate, Brunn Roysden, myType is a Bluetooth keyboard that has been designed keeping in mind the needs of smartphone and tablet users. This keyboard can be conveniently folded to fit your pocket, and the fact that it is Bluetooth enabled makes it wireless. When you fold myType, the keys interlock between themselves making it just about half a foot long.

Brunn’s innovation can be used up to a distance of 33 feet, which is more than what any smartphone user would want. The device is almost splash-resistant and comes with a micro USB port for charging. It has an excellent battery life of up to 8 hours. You can buy a myType for just $59 (~RM 180). It comes in pink, green, white, and black colors.

This product is being financed on the crowd-funding website, Kickstarter.  The creators set a goal to raise US$ 10,000 (~ RM 30,000) and they have achieved significantly more than that – at the time of writing this, more than US$ 75,000 (~RM 225,000) has been pledged by more than 1,200 people.

Check out myType on Kickstarter’s website here.


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Here is a video showcasing myType.


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