Next iPhone to be Announced September 10: What Can We Expect?

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Apple fanatics wait with bated breath every year for the next Apple device. They will be glad to hear that Apple may announce its latest iPhone on 10th September this year. This speculation comes from AllThingsD who have been dead accurate in predicting the launches of other Apple devices. This is why this report by AllThingsD is causing a huge buzz.

The current version is the iPhone 5 and it’s believed the next one will be called iPhone 5S, which would follow the pattern. We still have to wait and see if the next iPhone will repeat the typical iPhone success, given that consumers are increasingly choosing Google Android devices over Apple’s iOS ones.


Likely New Features of the Next iPhone

Although AllThingsD have not hypothesized on the new features and have no information about the features of the next iPhone device, experts speculate that the next iPhone will be very similar to the iPhone 5.

Here are some of the expectations from some of the tech media:

  • Better Camera: It may have a better camera and improved flash.
  • Faster Processor: It’s expected to have a faster processor, even if the overall look remains the same.
  • Finger Print Scanning: Some say that there could be a fingerprint scanning and identifying system in the new iPhone and that this will be embedded in the home button, meaning that users do not have to enter a pass-code to access their phones. The discovery of a Biometric Kit code in the next update of the iOS 7 by some developers instigated this rumor of a fingerprint scanning system.
  • iOS 7 Operating System: The latest operating system for the iPhone 5S, the iOS7, could be available for download for free by the end of this year. When the iPhone 5 was released, the latest update to the iOS was available just a few days later.
  • Upgraded Siri: There is a lot of talk about an upgraded Siri, such as having more comprehensive and relevant results and access to more commands.

People are speculating that the iPhone 5S could be launched in a similar manner as the previous launches of iPhone devices. Apple could give tech writers the new device to review on 10th September and the articles could be published on 17th September. After this, the phone could be launched to the general public on Friday – 20th September.


Is there a Cheaper iPhone Version?

Some experts believe that Apple will be launching a cheaper version of the iPhone to storm the lower-end phone markets where Android is currently thriving. This speculated cheaper version has been dubbed the iPhone 5C, which will have a plastic shell making it much cheaper than other iPhone devices.



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