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Listen to Ashton Kutcher’s Inspirational Speech, which Echoes Steve Jobs

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This month, August 2013, Ashton Kutcher, a famous American actor, won an award at the Teen Choice Awards. Kutcher delivered an acceptance speech that was actually quite inspiring. Perhaps acting as Steve Jobs in his recent movie Jobs has injected a new level of inspiration, wisdom, and charisma.

His speech is packed with three succinct points of advice. There’s a lot of hysterical girls cheering him on, which sometimes drowns Kutcher’s words, but this short video is well worth watching.

Check it out below.


Thumbnail Photo Credit: YouTube | Georgia B

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Kris Fellows

Ashton Kutcher loves to invest in social media-start ups. One of my personal favorites for design/style is houzz. Time to fly him out for a curry lunch Mr. Davison and give him the inside scoop on Leaping Post.

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