Summary Of Expat Go Malaysia's Discuss: Things You Wish You Could Buy in Malaysia

Summary of Discussion: Things You Wish You Could Buy in Malaysia

Below is a summary of the feedback gathered from the comments on the above Discuss topic.

  • There is a limited assortment of affordable fresh vegetables
  • Supermarkets here are not well stocked
  • Foods such as Mexican cuisine, bigger and better sandwiches, pork sausages and cheap salad bars are hard to find.

Here is a compilation of comments about specific things expats wish they can buy in Malaysia.

Commenter Nick: Mexican Food: it’s difficult to find good Mexican food in Malaysia. Would love to have a Chipotle in Malaysia!

Commenter Nick: Salad Outlets: it’s difficult to find many places that sell good, cheap salads. These can make great meals for a quick, tasty, healthy lunch during the work week.

Commenter Jill: My list consists of:- Pork sausages (though I now make my own), gravy granules, sugar puffs, Cadbury’s cream eggs, cotton simple non fitted sheets. Actually, it is not so much the items as the places… I miss proper supermarkets where I know I can buy anything and everything, car boot sales that I can mooch around at the weekend and DIY stores.

Commenter Becky: Could do with fewer bolster covers and more plain flat sheets. Also, toothbrush heads for Sonicare electric toothbrushes. Oh, and tomatoes — bright-red, soft-but-not-squishy, flavorful, delicious tomatoes!

Commenter Chris H: Chicken kievs! BSC in Bangsar said they couldn’t find a supplier. BIG occasionally make them but they’re pretty dry (not enough garlic butter).

Commenter Gerty Geerts: The assortment of affordable fresh vegetables is very limited over here and canned vegetables and fruit almost not existing.

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