Summary Of Expat Go Malaysia's Discuss: What Would You Like to See Improved in Malaysia and How?

Summary of Discussion: What Would You Like to See Improved in Malaysia and How?

Below is a summary of the feedback gathered from the comments on the above Discuss topic.

  • The traffic situation
  • Public transportation
  • Corruption within authority
  • Simple Visitor Information
  • Pollution

Here is a compilation of comments about specific things expats wish to see improved in Malaysia.

Commenter Nick: Less traffic and improved public transport!

Commenter Wiseoldman: Corruption levels have, if anything increased in both frequency and quantum whilst the schemes to hide them have become more and more ingenious. The OECD estimates that there is a ‘tax’ on every taxpayer in Malaysia equivalent to 20% of their annual income which goes directly into the pockets of the few who happen to be well connected.

Commenter Eddie: The real reason the place is filthy and the environment is being destroyed is that, for a small (or very very large) sum those doing the destroying and polluting are able to avoid being held accountable.

Commenter Anette: I would like to see the Malaysian government aggressively tackling pollution, especially water pollution, and the unrelenting environmental degradation and destruction, which impacts negatively on the wonderful wildlife that Malaysia has (or is it had…..).

Commenter Jay: It’s time something was done about noise pollution. Some building sites operate – noisily – from 7 a.m. till 10-11 p.m., seven days a week.

Commenter Jill: Simple visitors’ information on peninsula Malaysia rather than a vast array of pamphlets and brochures.

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