6 great sites for buying and selling used cars in Malaysia

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If you want to buy a used car in Malaysia, it is relatively simple to do so. Out on cyberspace exists a wide range of online car resources for those interested in picking up a new set of wheels. Due to a wide range of choices, we have curated five of the best online resources to help you find a second hand car in Malaysia. Most of these websites have either a social network presence or a mobile app for on-the-go connectivity and frequent updates.

1. Carlist.my


Carlist.my tends to always harbour a healthy collection of used cars in Malaysia. Their vast amount of advertised cars (always seeming to be in the 140,000s) makes for a good starting for those wishing to purchase a new set of wheels at a more affordable price. Searches of cars are simple, providing relevant information, such as the type of gear transmission, year of the car’s make, mileage, price, location, and an option to view the seller’s contact information.There is even a tool to help save your search if interested, along with a comparison tool to aid you in getting your best prices.

All in all, Carlist.my is a great starting point for those wishing to test their luck in finding a thrifty deal for a used car in Malaysia.

Like most resource websites in this day and age, Carlist.my has an online presence on Twitter and Facebook, allowing followers to receive up to speed news on their latest offers and ads.

Download app: iOS | Android

2. Mudah.my


While not specifically a used car trading website, mudah.my does have a category just for dealing with motor vehicles. Although a general trading website, they currently have 100,000+ car listings spread throughout the country now as of writing this, significantly more than some specialized automotive trading websites as mentioned here. Cars listed on the website feature an extremely simple interface, with the option to go further into detail should a user be interested. Mudah definitely scores points for having one of the largest car advert database featured here in this article. The website also has a Twitter presence for social media users to get up to date ads.

Download app: iOS | Android

3. Carsome



Carsome handles all the legwork when it comes to selling a car. You can sell your car within 24 hours if you choose to accept their final offer right after their inspection; or you can opt for a three-hour bidding where certified used car dealers across Malaysia will have access to bid for your car, and at the end you have 48 hours to accept the highest offer. There are currently over 400 certified used car dealers on Carsome and counting. The website is simple enough to you and they even have a car value calculator to give you an idea of how much you car might be worth before you even start the process of selling it.

Website: carsome.my

4. Carsifu.my


This resource by the well-known media company, The Star, happens to be the most straightforward one. While its search tool isn’t as in depth and its layout isn’t as simple as the other websites mentioned here, they seem to have a generous amount of cars for sale on their site.

While they don’t manage to provide a shiny and polished user interface, they make up for it with numbers. Despite that, their listings still cannot match up to Carlist.my’s enormous database. Clicking on an interested listing will bring up more information regarding your desired vehicle, if it piques your curiosity. However, Carsifu doesn’t have an app, so you’ll have to browse on a PC.


5. Motortrader.com.my


Already having a solid physical presence in Malaysia, Motor Trader also has an online platform for automotive trading to complement their physical media. They have a good, simple, and clean platform for advertising their used and new cars in Malaysia.

However, Motor Trader lumps their used and news cars together into the same category, which can be a little with a little confusing. This is especially the case when they note that a car has both a ‘New!’ and ‘Used Car’ tag. That being said, the website does have a 20,000+ strong car ad database as of this moment, giving you a reasonable choice to choose from.

Website: motortrader.com.my/usedcar
Download: iOS | Android


6. Oto.my


Part of the Driven Automotive Network which includes one of Malaysia’s top automotive websites, paultan.org, Oto.my are trying to separate themselves from the rest of the pack by giving sellers more exposure and better service. This should lead to a healthier database of used cars selection. The website features new, used, and reconditioned cars for sale.

While the website doesn’t allow you to specifically search for a used car, it does give you a selection filters you can use, like transmission, make, warranty, price range, and year. However, the selection is a lot smaller compared to all the other websites mentioned here, with only around 6,000 cars listed in total. Oto.my doesn’t have any apps you can use, so once again, it’s back to the PC to browse.


What is your favourite used car website in Malaysia? Do you have any tips about finding used cars in Malaysia? Post a thought below.

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where is the location the company?

Ben Hock Seng

Hi Abdullah – The location of which company? Basically, the sites above are online marketplaces for cars. So the location of each car will vary, depending on the seller.

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