67% of Malaysians Have Broadband Internet Access

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Mr. Datuk Jailani Johari, Deputy Communication and Multimedia Minister of Malaysia recently told the Dewan Rakyat (Lower House of Parliament) that broadband penetration across Malaysia had crossed 67% as of August 2013. This is a big increase from the year 2007 when Malaysia’s broadband penetration rate was only 15%.

The Minister said that several programs under the aegis of the National Broadband Plan had contributed to the growth. Some of these plans are Small Community Broadband Center, 1Malaysia Internet Center, 1Malaysia Wireless Village and Broadband Library.

The National Broadband Plan is a public private partnership project between the Telekom Malaysia and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission.


Broadband and Wireless Internet Speed Doubles

Responding to a query from Dr. Mohd Hatta Ramli from the Pan-Malaysia Islamic Party- Kuala Krai, the Minister said that the internet speed had been doubled from 2 Mbps to 4 Mbps in all villages where internet connections were provided. He said that the wireless internet program aimed to bring WiFi access to all villages that did not have broadband. The service can be accessed up to 300 mts away from the point of installation.

Mr. Johari also said that the wireless village project had exceeded its target, but there were no plans to scale it down. When the program was first introduced in 2010, the plan was to bring wireless connectivity to 3287 villages. But so far, the Ministry has provided wireless services in 4374 villages. 308 other villages will also receive wireless internet access soon. He also noted that 664 telecommunication towers were in operation across the nation.

Malaysia has made giant strides in internet coverage. According to Gartner, Inc., a U.S based advisory and technology research company, spending on telecommunication services in Malaysia is poised to touch over RM33 billion in 2013.

Source: Malaysia Chronicle


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