Mudah: A Beginner’s Guide

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If you are familiar with Craigslist, then Mudah should be no stranger to you. In a nutshell, Mudah is a classified listing site. You can find and offer goods, services and jobs in Malaysia.

Here is a snapshot for how to list and buy on Mudah.


Listing an Item on Mudah

For individuals, this is an excellent place to list items you no longer want. Items can range from old textbooks, household furniture to vehicles and event properties. Inserting, an ad for the item you’d like to let go is free of charge on Mudah but do take note of their rules to avoid your listing being denied from publishing



One of my favourite features offered in the listing is that you have the option of allowing buyers to contact you via Whatsapp. While this may seem like an unwise decision to have your contact details published publicly, I personally experienced an increase in both buyer enquiries and sales in a shorter time frame by merely enabling this option. I find this option very helpful, especially when I need to sell items quickly.

Once you submit your listing, you will have a chance to preview your listing and select options for paid premium services in exchange for increased visibility.




Upon proofreading the listing, you can then insert the ad and wait for it to be approved. This usually takes less than 24 hours and you’ll be informed via email upon a successful ad insertion.


Prohibited Goods & Services

Just as Mudah is strict with their rules on how to correctly list an item or service to be published, they are equally as strict on what you can offer in the listing.

Some prohibited items include:

  • Vehicle Registration Numbers and Documents
  • E-mail Addresses
  • E-Cigaratte
  • Paintball Markers / Guns
  • Unlock and Jailbreak Services For Gadgets

See the full list of Mudah’s prohibited items here.


Virtual Stores for Businesses: Pro Niaga

For individuals or small businesses who would like to expand their business, Mudah now offers a virtual store front called Pro Niaga, and the basic version is free to anyone to subscribe. People who use this platform have more advantages such as listing multiple items at once, unique storefront URL and integrating their storefront with Paypal to accept payments securely from buyers.

Paid premium options are also available to enhance the features of the Pro Niaga accounts. Find out more about Pro Niaga here.



Purchasing an Item or Service 

Like all other marketplaces, buyers can browse through listings by category, location or keyword search to find the item or service they are looking for. However, if you have something specific in mind, you can also post a listing (similar to how you list an item for sale) and check the options of ‘Wanted’ or ‘Wanted for Rent’ and describe what you are looking for

With the active and vibrant community on Mudah, you should be expecting a reply for your listing in no time.

Visit here.

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