How to Spot Fake Fashion Items

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One concern about online shopping in Malaysia is buying fake goods. With such widespread piracy, you need to be cautious. How do you detect that a product is genuine? It’s not easy. However, the infographic below offers some sharp insight. It doesn’t cover all products, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind, particularly for major fashion items.

In a previous post, we outlined some important safety tips for shopping online in Malaysia. One of these tips included understanding the return policy. The guide below can help make sure the product you buy is the real thing. If not, use the site’s policy to return it as soon as possible!

Spotting Fake Items Infograph




Source:  How to spot fake fashionLifehack

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Thank so much for your sharing, appreciate that! 🙂


Hm, interesting tips. Good to share with my gf


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