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Watch This Short Gravity Spin-Off, Telling Another Part of the Story

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Remember Aningaaq? He is the man that Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) in the movie Gravity contacts through her radio, from inside a Russian escape pod. In the movie, you only hear Aningaaq, but you do not see him and you do not get his side of the story. If you have enjoyed the sci-fi film, here is a bonus for you. Jonas Cuarón, the movie’s co-writer and the director Alfonso Cuarón’s son, made a brilliant companion film based on this character in the movie.

The spinoff, called Aningaaq, is the Norwegian fisherman Aningaaq’s version of the story that shows him camping on a frozen Fjord in Norway and talking to Dr. Stone through his two way satellite radio. The conversation between the fisherman and Bullock’s character in space revolves around dogs, babies, and life and death. As Dr. Stone desperately seeks help and talks about dying, Aningaaq shares his grief over having to sacrifice one of his loved sledge dogs, because it is old and ill.

The highlight of the film is that they manage to somehow understand each other even though Aningaaq only speaks Greenlandic but Dr. Stone does not. The movie is 7 minutes long and features Orto Ignatiussen as Aningaaq, Lajla Lange as his wife, and Sandra Bullock as Dr. Ryan Stone (voice only), the medical engineer lost in space.

Warner Bros will release the short film when the full length feature film is released on Blu-ray. Both Gravity and Aningaaq have been sent by Warner Bros for Oscar nominations. Should they both get nominated, it would be the first time that both a full-length movie and its companion short film have been nominated for the Academy Award.


What do you think about the short video? Post a thought in the comments below.


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Photo Credit: Gravity

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I heard they spent US$ 100,000 making this video. WTF! I could do it for half that.


Awesome! I really wondered who that person was she was speaking to.

Ben Hock Seng

Yeh, this is a nice touch. Am big fan of the movie too. I saw it in IMAX 3D. I typically don’t like 3D movies, but this was done brilliantly – probably the best movie theater experience I’ve had.

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