DiGi Will Likely Offer 4G LTE for the iPhone Soon

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iPhone users with DiGi have something to look forward to, as it seems the carrier will likely enable access to the faster 4G LTE network.  So far, DiGi’s 4G LTE has only been available for its broadband and tablet plans. The telecom provider is yet to make an official announcement about this, but it has acknowledged the reports about it on Twitter.

If you have an iPhone, you will first have to enable LTE under cellular settings. If and when the LTE is enabled on your iPhone, loading data from network becomes faster. However, to be able to access this speedier network, you may have to get a new sim card from DiGi, although even this has not been confirmed by the telecom service provider.

DiGi is also yet to appear in the LTE listings page of Apple.com. But if you have adjusted the cellular settings in your iPhone, you may just be able to tap the telco’s LTE network. And once you do, you should notice quicker website access and faster downloads on your iPhone. (However, do remember that 4G LTE is not compatible with the iPhone 4S and previous generations.)

Update (30 Jan 2014): DiGi is now listed on Apple’s iPhone LTE page.





Photo credit: @jbtaylor / Foter / CC BY


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