Malaysia Needs Better Infrastructure for Electric Cars, Says Volkswagen

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The Malaysian government needs to provide wider and a much better infrastructure to car manufacturing companies for the introduction of more electric cars in the country. Volkswagen Group Malaysia Managing Director Christoph Aringer has recently aired the same opinion saying that electric cars are the need of the hour, especially for the softening ASEAN market. Although Volkswagen is launching two new electric car models in the European market, at the present time, it is not realistic for the company to manufacture electric cars for the Malaysian market.

Introduction of newer car models in any market is dependent on a lot of factors including the infrastructure and the facilities that are available in the concerned market. Volkswagen says that they are not out there to just sell their products to consumers, but are also being responsible to consumers who will buy the new electric cars.

A similar opinion is held by BMW Group Malaysia, which says that launching of electric cars in Malaysia is not happening with their company either. One of the other reasons that the company cites is the lack of demand for electric cars in the  Malaysia’s automobile market.

Car manufacturing companies like BMW are seeking tax benefits and other infrastructural support for introducing energy efficient and environmental friendly vehicles in the Malaysian market. It now remains to be seen if the government responds favorably.


Source: Malay Mail Online

Photo credit: Ladonite / Foter / CC BY-ND

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