Land Rover’s New Technology Lets You See Through the Car’s Hood

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All set to “wow” the crowd at the New York International Auto Show, Land Rover has set in place several new features as part of its Discovery Vision Concept. One, that has been attracting a lot of attention particularly is the “Transparent Bonnet” technology. This new tech-invention packs a “see-through” technology that makes the hood of the car transparent.

Front-facing cameras are used to capture what’s ahead and then project the images as live feed onto the windshield – so that you can see “through” the roof. Apart from being able to see the terrain under the hood, you will also be able to view the degree of slope being traversed, the angle of the front wheels and your SUV’s speed.

 Dr. Wolfgang Epple, the Director of R&D at Land Rover is touting the Discovery Vision Concept as a revolutionary technology that increases off-road autonomy. The Transparent Bonnet, for example, will increase the confidence with which drivers move their SUVs over any terrain. With an augmented view of the reality under the hood, Dr. Epple holds, drivers can park well in constricted urban parking spaces or drive over difficult, off-road terrains.

We had a look at the test video on YouTube and the Transparent Bonnet is extraordinary to say the least. Eyes are now set on the Auto Show for more details about Land Rover’s plans to give us the invisible car.

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Sources: Wired

Photo Credit: Land Rover

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