Never Lose a Thing Again: Meet Tile

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Losing things can be an annoying habit. If you often tend to lose things when you are out, Tile is just the gadget for you. Founded by Mike Farley and Nick Evans, Tile is a Bluetooth device that you can attach to your wallet, purse or even your smartphone.

The Tile is a small matchbox-sized, square-shaped device that is attached to a purse or wallet, or any other thing that you fear losing. The device is connected via Bluetooth to the Tile App on your mobile and works within a range of 50 to 150 feet. The best part is, even if the item that you have attached to the tile to goes out of range from your mobile, other mobiles with the Tile App can detect it. Once it is detected, you will receive an alert automatically about the location of the item.

The World’s Largest Lost and Found

Nicknamed “the world’s largest lost and found” by its creators, Tile is now available for sale to the public. It is presently available in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the EU. The product is shipped via and can be purchased on the manufacturer’s site,

While there is no news yet as to when Tile will be available in Malaysia, smartphone users are hoping it will be soon. The gadget, which was funded by crowd funding on Self Starter, is presently available for a price of $19.95 on preorders. Once the Self Starter campaign comes to an end, the cost of the gadget will go up to $25.

Compatible with Top Smartphones

Tile is compatible with the latest Apple devices including the iPhone 4S, 5 and 5S, iPad mini, iPad 3 and 4 and iPod 5. At present, the gadget works only with Apple devices and not android devices. The company claims that they have no plans to offer the Tile for Android, as the OS does not entirely support Bluetooth 4.0. Nevertheless, there has been a considerable demand for the app in the regions where it is available.

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No Android support ? Ok well, not really of any use to me then


“World’s largest lost and found?”

With the app operating only a single marketshare?

Might as well be called “the world’s most profited lost and found”.

Shawn Sham

wow! where can i buy it in Malaysia?

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