Beware of This New Carjacking Scheme in KL

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Photo credit: Slices of Light Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

We’ve learned from a police source that there has been a new carjacking scheme occurring in KL.

Under this method, the culprits follow your car to a parking lot and wait for you to leave your car. They then remove your license plate and wait for you to return. Once you drive off, they’ll follow you, and, when suitably timed, they’ll overtake you, displaying your license plate. They present your license plate under the guise that it has fallen off your car.

When you stop your car to greet them and to collect your license plate, they’ll make an attempt to steal your car, potentially using weapons.

We’ve been advised the act is very well rehearsed and organized. Bystanders have also been unaware while the act occurs, since it initially looks like the driver just stopped the car to meet people.

If someone makes an effort to return a missing license plate to you under this pretence, we strongly advise you to take caution. Be sure to forewarn your friends and family.



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