What exactly is Klang Valley?

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When living in Malaysia, especially for those who live in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, hearing the name ‘Klang Valley’ is a norm. In fact, ‘Klang Valley’ is so frequently referred to by people living in Malaysia; you’ll hear it on the radio or on television and even come across the word in newspapers, magazines and in casual conversations.

But there’s often one very important question raise about the Klang Valley: What exactly is Klang Valley?

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Origins and history

The Klang River
The Klang River flowing through Kuala Lumpur

Early development of what we now refer to as ‘Klang Valley’ was located close to the Klang river. In fact, it was the development of tin mining towns in the late 19th century that would collectively become ‘Klang Valley’, which were dotted closely to the river. Situated in such close proximity to development, the Klang River evidently gave the valley its name.

From the 19th century onward, the area developed quickly, expanding in east (Gombak) and westerly (Port Klang) directions, with urban areas growing towards the north (Rawang) and south (Negeri Sembilan).

What makes up Klang Valley?

Photo credit: Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 3.0

Though there are no official borders drawn, it can be considered to encompass the federal territories and several other districts in its vicinity. These include:

  • Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
  • Federal Territory of Putrajaya
  • Selangor District of Petaling
  • Selangor District of Klang
  • Selangor District of Gombak
  • Selangor District of Hulu Langat

Public transportation

KL Sentral station
KL Sentral station

Because Klang Valley is so densely populated, there are numerous public transportation options for people to get around the vicinity.

Perhaps one of the most used platforms for public transportation is KL Sentral, which is a multimodal transport hub that connects people to buses, trains and taxis. KL Sentral is located right in the heart of Klang Valley, making it accessible to many.

There are multiple alternatives to the KL Sentral station, however, such as Masjid Jamek and Bandar Tasik Selatan. Both of these stations are train interchange stations. Bus terminals like Pudu Sentral and Duta Bus Terminal also help people get around Klang Valley.

Klang Valley culture

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Klang Valley is not only home to many Malaysians, but also expat residents. It is an area both economically thriving and culturally diverse.

Alongside its culturally diverse residents, follows an equally diverse variety of foods. Food is a massive part of Malaysian culture. From curry mee and chicken tikka masala to fish and chips and squid ink risotto, Klang Valley has it all!

So, you’ll be able to answer the next person who asks you “what is Klang Valley?”

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