Visa Fee Waiver for Tourists Coming to Malaysia

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visa waiver
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The Malaysian Government has announced a waiver on visa fee for tourists, including those from China. The visa free waiver was announced in yesterday’s 2015 Budget Revision by the Prime Minister, as a strategy to boost Malaysia’s tourism industry.

The prime minister also announced other measures in his speech to help boost the tourism industry, such as increasing the frequency and duration of mega sales nationwide and intensifying domestic tourism promotions with competitive airfares.

The Budget 2015 is being revised to ensure sustainable development and resilience of the economy. The government is setting up actions and policy interventions to handle the changing economic scenario caused by the oil price slump.

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Paul Choy

Waiver for Visa but not GST very regretful

Damon Christopher Loft

hope they will start to be less racist and discriminatory with the spouse visa thing aswell…singapore is the cheapest whilst white westerners get screwed…and its means tested with a corrupt official. I do not mind if he wants to buy another gold plated alarm clock to replace his broken one, so he can get to work ontime occasionally. But I know its for beer and other extra corricullar activities…why should your job and background mean anything…a visa should be the same price no matter where you come from!!! And after all, my salary is for my wife to use not for their gst style life.

Jai Rodriguez

Its visa fee waiver. U still need a visa

Michele Koutrakos Abeyewardena

Free visas for who? The Chinese from China??

Michele Koutrakos Abeyewardena

Ha Ha!! You’re lucky if the immigration people are awake at the counter when you arrive!! Most are on the teh terik break 7 hours of the 8 hour day! LOL

Dean E. A. Naasson

Is this for all countries including Africans or only for Europeans, Asian and middle-eastern countries?

Anita Arphan

Hahaha – Everybody can get in now!!!!

Nitin Mathur

Is it for all tourists or for tourists from China

Harry Singh

Good luck hope some if them go back –

Lionel Riley

Now, if we could just get the immigration people at the airports to be more cordial!

Tan Lee Na

Visa waiver ….. how abt klcc bridge visit too! Used to be free!

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