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4 Reasons to Fly Qatar Airways’ Business Class

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This post is brought to you by Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Business Class - 7 Oct 2013 - v2

Next time you fly business class from Kuala Lumpur, consider Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways received the Best Business Class in the World in 2014 and 2013 from Skytrax, which commissions leading, independent, global surveys of airline and airport performance. Qatar Airways’ business class combines comfort, luxury, and technology to provide a superb flying experience. Here are four reasons why you’ll enjoy the business class cabin.

1. Luxurious seats

The seats in the business class cabin are very comfortable. There is a lot of stowage space within the seat to store any items for immediate access during the flight. The wide seats can be configured for multiple position to optimise your comfort, including a full flat bed position, which is ideal for sleeping. Furthermore, the table provides ample space for work and dining.

2. Gourmet foods and drinks

One of the best things about the business class cabin in Qatar Airways is the gourmet food and drinks. Qatar Airways serves only signature dishes in its business class, which are designed exclusively for the airline by well known celebrity chefs. What makes the meals even more appealing is that the menu is on demand, which means you can order food whenever you want, including snacks and drinks. The food is beautifully presented and served on luxurious linen with modern cutlery. In addition to champagne and non-alcoholic beverages, there is a fantastic selection of spirits and wine.

3. Oryx inflight entertainment

Qatar Airways is also famous for its Oryx flight entertainment. There system offers over a thousand entertainment choices, catering to all types of tastes and sensibilities. The entertainment categories include:

1. Movies: Recent releases, Modern greats, Classic Hollywood movies, World cinema, Bollywood premieres, Arabic premieres or Upcoming premieres.

2. Television: Arabic, Asian, Business, Comedy, Documentaries, Drama, Entertainment, European, Hindi, Music and Arts, Sports, Travel, Urdu and more.

3. Audio: Spotlight, Dance, Mandarin pop, Cantonese pop, Audiobooks, J-pop, Classical, Pop, Easy listening, Gold, Hindu, Oryx Radio, Rock, Country, Jazz and blues, K-pop, Arabic.

4. Games: 3D, Action, Arcade, Board, Cards, Multi-player, Puzzle, Sport, Words and trivia.

There is also a special collection called Young Travellers, which will appeal to a younger audience. The system has an intuitive touch screen, which enables you to find what you want quickly. The B787 (airplane) has the first dual screen of any airline anywhere, allowing you to play games on the hand held device as a movie loads on the personal screen, among other uses.

4. Continuous digital connection

Qatar Airways also offers state-of-the-art communication in its business class cabins. The on-air mobile communication service ensures that you can always be in touch with your family, friends and colleagues. There is also a charging port for laptops and a USB port to charge music players or mobiles. Your personal cabin also has a large working area with total privacy, so that you can work in peace. The B787 also has WiFi, which means you can stay connected to the internet. This helps if your work requires you to connect with your office.

You can learn more about Qatar Airways business class here.

Note: the exact seat facilities and in-flight entertainment features may vary across different flights.

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Adib van Halen

I dont mind the biz class in their new A350..

Jennifer Jennings

I’ve flown QA many times and I think Emirates is the best

Jayden Koay

Sounds like fun 🙂 thanks for sharing

Cathy Lim

Thanks, Kelly. I had travelled with QA quite a few times. Hope their Biz class is what they claim for the award.

Atuk Mush

How much fare to Geneva with bissnes class?kl GeV kl…

Comieko Luna

Not good. When the tix coz so much n they made me walked end to end terminal , talk a bus and climb the stairs to my “biz class” seat. I dont feel the worth.

Rose Jianul

Yes very good services I flew twice .

Aslam Mohamed

I concur. Had the previlage to fly business class with Qatar. Enough said. Try it yourself.

Zainul Anuar

The article should focus on what so special abt QA compared to others/industry?

Jessica Ng

Agree with Dave Ryan Aguirre Buaron. The points are pretty much standard for any decent business class flight. Nothing particularly stands out or differentiates Qatar Airways from the rest, based on this article.

Alan Cole

And one reason not to, I can’t afford it!

Kai Kerkmann

Not anymore, the new airport is open now – all in one

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