Current Hot Weather in Malaysia to Ease by End of March

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Current Hot Weather in Malaysia to Ease by End of March

According to the Meteorological Department of Malaysia, the current hot and dry spell in many areas in Malaysia will most probably ease off by the end of March.

Director-general (from the Meteorological Department) Datuk Che Gayah Ismail said that the weather is now in its final phase of the monsoon season.

“It is now the tail end of the northeast monsoon which causes many areas to receive less rain over an extended period, leading to the hot and dry weather,” she said.

If you feel the weather is too hot to handle, stay indoors in a properly ventilated area, drink plenty of water and try not to exercise outdoors. According to Che Gayah, the current weather condition has not reached the hot wave level yet. In fact, it is still categorised as normal. The current temperature is between 33 and 35 degrees Celsius.

The inter-monsoon season will start in April and last until mid-May. States in the peninsula will experience wet weather with thunderstorm in the afternoon and evening. Che Gayah said that it is normal for there to be heavy rain and thunderstorm before the southwest monsoon begins from June to September which is the dry and haze season.

Source: Bernama

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Mbak Heidi van Java

hmmmm I don’t even think it’s that hot!!!

Melissa Anne Apolonia Schiele

Was same this time lastyear. An utter crisp

Ray Anne Peterson

Wow Dan,hidden talent – nearly as good as your. Mum!!! Xxx mum

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