DBKL Wants You to Report on Dirty Eateries in KL

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DBKL Wants You to Report on Dirty Eateries in KL

Think the restaurant you are eating in isn’t clean? Lodge a report with DBKL (City Hall) and they will look into it.

It is important for customers to lodge reports on dirty and unhygienic eateries in KL for their own benefit.

To lodge a report, send a text message to 15888.

According to KL’s mayor, Datuk Seri Ahmad Phesal Talib, this system of lodging complaints by sending a message to DBKL is not a new system. In fact, it was first launched in 2011. But, to date, only 135 complaints have been received so far.

So, do your part in ensuring that restaurant owners are stringent in practicing good hygiene in preparing food. If you are not satisfied by the level of cleanliness at the next restaurant you eat in, lodge a complaint.

Source: The New Straits Times

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Owen Leed

If dbkl take this seriously 75% of eateries would close.

Karen Ann Donald

Hope they have a very big filing cabinet.

Layla Ebrahim

There are too many. I was shocked at rotting food in the corner of an elite restaurant in Gardens mall in the eating area. They are not going to do anything so what’s the point of reporting. Many small stalls and shops were shut down in Penang this week. I don’t see that happening in KL.

Craig J Selby

If it was easy to report and they actually acted, then it would be worth it.

Amir Karimian

Reporting clean eateries would make things lot easier!

Sana Imran

Almost all maju restorants r unhygienic n dirty

Susannah Sarkunan

Got so many… where do I start

OneJohn Smith

easier to report the clean ones i think

Arafat Mahmood

I see some restaurant even make outside dirty. Now a day’s many people also throw rubbish at the roads. Thanks to the authorities for taking steps.

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