River of Life Project in KL Underway

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klang river
Photo credit: Kenneth Kiffer / Foter / CC BY-NC

There has not been a lot of press coverage about the River of Life project. This project, which is part of the government’s Economic Transformation Programme, aims to transform the river, which is currently more of giant drain, into a vibrant waterfront development. The first step is to clean up the river and then construct some waterfront and lifestyle developments along the 11 kilometres of the river that run through Kuala Lumpur

The first stage is critical, as it involves not just cleaning up a very polluted river, but also preventing people from continuing to regard it as a place to dump waste. The river has become not just a depository for people’s rubbish, but also for sludge, waste, and oil.  A key requirement is strict enforcement of the laws, so that eventually the river can support marine life.

According to the Federal Territories Minister, the River of Life project is slightly behind target, having reached 14% of its target against a planned 17% at this stage.

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Rebecca Kight Klink

Wow. Could be fabulous…can Malaysia do it?

Matang Fikir

Really look forward to this beauty…if seoul could do it with much much worse filthy river then..surely KL can do better…but i wonder how the hundreds of immigrant workers at night time gathering at the ” river esplanade ” by the old sgor mansion building going to treat this “river of live” ..dbkl should check on them in the evening…u can see rubbish strewn all over the river banks…sigh

Matang Fikir

Plse enlighten us on the 14% completed job so far ..

Zahit Hassan

It’s ever ready for FLASH FLOOD WITHIN 2 hours ???

Karl Chew

Rubbish are all from the upstream la.

Musa Abdl

Naai its a real river :p

Caroline Bignell

The river side in Malacca now looks lovely with all the murals on the old buildings.

Ben J Yeo

Great vision .. but please ..transform the mentality first to succeed!

Jann Mazzoletti Muir

It’s about time! All the rivers need a huge clean up. It’s always been one of the bug bears I’ve had living here in KL.

Danielle Gallart Herter

Would be nice if we had clean air in KL also

Rajat Sharma

Good. We need to work on rain water harvesting also

Yf Lee

yea its time you guys stop pissing on the river 🙂

Keeboon Kok

Do they have the same determination as the city of Seoul where it took them years to transform a filthy stinking river into a crystal clear water running river ?

Leo Nathan

dead cats and rats what river of life

James WengHoong Lam

I sure ah? This river has a bloody history

Edward Ong

No need to look West for an example. Two words: Downtown Seoul.

Sathish Sreedharan Nair

river of life or river of flood ?? !!

Fami Isa

The Riverside project from 95 never got underway because the parties that obtained the pekeliling n sentul flats parcels could not raise the billions to start building….till now.

Tatiana Breger

Also they should look into what Melbourne did with our dirty river …!!!!

Vicky Liew Sat Min

Pls be sure to place more bins by the riverside so that rubbish doesn’t clog up the river again & chk the pollution level from upstream after all the money & effort is being spent.

Meera Mohideen

wow I love to settle there

Ed Couture

Should look into what San Antonio Texas did with their river. And also providence Rhode Island. Gondolas, restaurants, river fires, music … many tourists

Nick Davison

Agreed. San Antonio River Walk is great.

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